please comment to test comments

by on November 6, 2008

The forum-like tracking comments plugin, that I talked about earlier, is now live on this blog (thanks for the great work Enej!): see recent comment link above the header.
It works, it is stable and it covers the basics that we have originally defined:

  • Ability to expand/collapse post and its comments (little plus in front of post);
  • Sort the posts by
    • time published (default, though I think we should make sorting by latest comments default),
    • name of the post,
    • author,
    • number of comments,
    • date/time of the latest comment.

Now that it is live, I see that few small things could be added:

  • Remove the posts with no comments – the point of this plugin is to show activity on posts;
  • Tighten up the user interface to look better, perhaps apply gray to the first row (one that carries the columns’ names);
  • Ability to expand/collapse ALL post with one click (big plus in the header of the table, left of the post);
  • Add the date/time for each comments;
  • Ability to sort comments by date/time;
  • Trim the post to first X words with more link to load the full post (since it is your post you do not really the whole thing here);
  • Limit posts to latest 10 or so with see more link that will load all other comments;
  • Have a little control panel (options) thing so that the user could setup the preferences for the most of the above (how many post/comments, default sorting, exclusion of certain columns – like author in personal blogs, etc…).

We have submitted the code to WordPress Codec, and once it is published I hope that others will join to  continue the development of this plugin.

So, please support this plugin and comment on the this post and previous posts to give this plugin a proper test!