Timber PHP debugging in WordPress

by on June 24, 2009

Stumbled upon Blurbia and interesting WordPress development company that is doing some pretty solid work.


Timber is intended primarily as a developer’s tool, to be enabled in a sandbox environment while debugging plugins or themes in-progress. However, it also has potential in a production setting, as a way to hide errors from the end-user while still logging them for administrator review. The configuration settings allow for precise control of what type of errors and what error information is logged, so it can be deployed in varying scenarios without runaway logs filling the database.


Synected enables shortened URL creation on your own blog. Rather than relying on services such as tinyurl.com or bit.ly, Synected lets you easily create and use short links based off your own domain. This releases you from dependence on a third party — a server error on tinyurl no longer prevents visitors from reaching your site. In addition, it strengthens your brand, keeping your domain name in view of your audience even on Twitter and other micro-communication platforms.

These guys develop some pretty tight themes also:
http://demo.blurbia.com/melora/ Fully customizable. With sites like this, plus the other framework themes we are getting very close to not having to design themes anymore… which is great because you will be able to role out a site in a day vs weeks.