I’m a strategist for open education initiatives at the Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Technology at UBC. ┬áSpecifically, I’m engaged with projects that are leveraging emerging technologies, approaches, and pedagogies to support open learning. With a background in library science, I’m interested in understanding and supporting the removal of barriers that limit access to education, information, and knowledge. ┬áThe purpose of this blog is to document the ongoing projects, discussions, thoughts, and ideas for helping grow open education at UBC.


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  1. Hi Will,
    I recently read your post on badges and thought I’d share my resource collection with you. It can be searched from the tags menu (Y-shaped icon near the top right). I recently offered an online self-study course in badges & badging through BC’s CEET (Community of Expertise in Educational Technology) and am in the process of starting the use of badges at UNB in a small way. We’re planning on possibly reopening the badging course again over the summer if there’s an audience. Let me know if you think anyone at UBC might be interested.

  2. Hi Sue – Thanks for sharing your badge resource collection! We are just now getting started with an open badge project; so I suspect there may be more interest in badges here soon (and I am definitely starting to hear a lot more) – so please let me know if your course runs again this summer). We are hope to launch a site for the badge project soon – we also will be organizing some events in June around it (e.g. . Connecting with the badge community is a goal. Thanks again!

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