Peru Election 2006

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Fujimori’s campaign strategy

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Acccording to La Primera, Alberto Fujimori has a “Videostrategia”, that includes sharing more that 30 suitcases of “vladivideos” with the protagonists of such tapes in an individual basis.
Mirko Lauer in Teatro Bacalao argues that Fujimori will not return to Peru and will continue a virtual campaing.
Juan Paredes Castro in Comentario del editor: El tercer pasaporte con el que Fujimori pretende retornar, argues that Fujimori may take advantage of legal vacuums and mistakes made by judicial authorities in Peru.

Teatro Bacalo, by Mirko Lauer, La Republica, October 27, 2005 Download file
Para evitar ser detenido en el extranjero, piensa alquilar un jet privado para hacer un vuelo directo de Tokio a Lima. La videoestrategia de Alberto Fujimori Download file

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October 28th, 2005 at 10:45 am

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