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Resources from the Portfolio CoP Meeting: November 2012

On November 29th, the Portfolio CoP had the opportunity to hear Dr. Bernie Garrett Present on the evaluation of the PEP Portfolio in nursing. His presentation ‘The Evaluation of an Electronic Portfolio for the Assessment of Clinical Competence in a Baccalaureate Nursing Program’ was followed up by an engaging discussion around ePortfolios. We also brainstormed possible meetings events for the 2013 winter term.

Possible Events for the Winter term
  • Reflection frameworks
  • Portfolios in job hunting–Portability
  • Assessment Rubrics and Form and feedback for reflection
  • Comparing ePortfolio products
  • Portfolio assessment
Session Resources

Bibliography from Presentation: 
Anderson, D., Gardner, G., Ramsbotham, J., & Tones, M. (2009). E-portfolios: Developing nurse practitioner competence and capability. Australian Journal of Advanced Nursing, 26(4), 70. 

Bogossian, F., & Kellett, S. (2010). Barriers to electronic portfolio access in the clinical setting. Nurse Education Today, 30(8), 768. 

Butler, P. (2006). A review of the literature on portfolios and electronic portfolios. Retrieved 09/14, 2011, from ttp:// eportfolio%20Project%20Research%20Report.pdf. 

Chabeli, M. (2002). Portfolio assessment and evaluation: implications and guidelines for clinical nursing education. Curationis, 25(3), 4. 

Garrett, B. M., & Jackson, C. (2006). A mobile clinical e-portfolio for nursing and medical students

Resources Mentioned During the Session
Upcoming Events

AAEEBL ePortfolio Research Study

The The Association for Authentic, Experiential and Evidence Based Learning (AAEEBL) is in the process of administering a world-wide survey of ePortfolio implementations in higher education. The survey results will be compiled and shared at the The AAEEBL International ePortfolio Summit 2011 in Boston, July 25 – 28 .  In addition, the results will be discussed in a number of follow-up webinars and online chats.  This survey is part of a larger research initiative that is trying to determine ” how eportfolios are being promoted in higher education globally and identifying the conditions conducive to successful implementation of eportfolios and associated pedagogies and assessment strategies.

If you are interested in completing this survey I have pasted the instructions and the survey link below. I will be posting webinars and chats discussing this survey as they become available.

We invite you to respond to these survey questions from your own individual, personal and professional perspective, focusing on a single eportfolio project or program with which you are involved.  You are not expected to feel responsible for speaking for your program or for what may be several eportfolio initiatives at your institution.  However, you are encouraged to forward information about this survey to colleagues who may also be working with eportfolios so that we may include a diverse range of eportfolio-related initiatives. This survey will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete.

Please find this survey at:

ePortfolios and Copyright Resources

Privacy and copyright are important considerations in developing an ePortfolio or implementing an ePortfolio program. The following resources put together by EPAC offer some insight into issues around copyright and ownership.

EPAC Copyright Resources

It would be worth adding to their list of Resources for finding copyright free images and audio

1. Flikr Creative Commons

2. Internet Archive

PebblePad ePortfolio Platform

I have been exploring PebblePad as an ePortfolio tool. It has some interesting functionality including hosting services for individuals and self-hosting options for institutions. This platform allows end users to upload assets (evidence) into the system, reflect on it and share it with other users or assessors as individual artifacts, webfolios, or blogs. I found the following features valuable in the context of learning ePortfolios in higher education:

  • The ability for the user to display evidence in multiple views
  • Wizards to guide users through the process of asset (artifact) development
  • Users can reflect on individual assets (artifacts)
  • Comprehensive assessment management including a gradebook, ability to set time release on feedback, options for calibrated assessment, links to learning outcomes

PebblePad resources

Introductory and advanced webinars
ePortfolio examples

**According to vendor currently only offering licenses for the UK and Australia but would assess on a case-by-case basis

If you have used PebblePad as an instructor, student or administrator I would love to hear your impressions. Please either write a comment below or email me directly at

Upcoming EPAC Webchat about implimenting the Mahara ePortfolio Tool

Upcoming EPAC Webchat about customizing the Mahara ePortfolio Tool:

EPAC April Webchat with Pace University: Customizing Mahara as an Open Source Solution to Create a University-wide “Educational Passport” for Learning

When: Thursday, April 7, 2011
10 a.m. PT/11 p.m. MT/12 p.m. CT/1 p.m. ET

This event is free to all interested individuals although pre-registration is required:

If you cannot attend but would like to be notified when the archived recording of the session is available, please go ahead and register as well.

This webinar/chat will describe the Pace solution for implementing a university-wide ePortfolio program, with our Open Source software, Mahara. Within one year, we have customized our platform, and gone from a small pilot program to a multi-faceted integrated ePortfolio, working with undergraduate and graduate students and faculty from across the disciplines, as well as partnering with Career Services, and Student Life.

Beth Gordon Klingner is the Executive Director for Academic Technology at Pace University and is also an adjunct instructor in English, Communications and Psychology. Beth has been an ePortfolio enthusiast for the past ten years. This year, Beth is participating in the LaGuardia Community College’s Making Connections program on ePortfolios. In addition, Beth is also interested in blended learning, distance education and emerging technologies. Beth recently co-authored a chapter in Teaching Inclusively in Higher Education, titled “The Technological Age of Teaching.” Beth earned her BA in Literature from Binghamton University, her MA in English Education from SUNY–Albany, and her PhD in Educational Technology from Walden University.

Linda Anstendig is a Professor of English, Co-Director of the Pace ePortfolio Program, and Executive Assistant to the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Pace University. This year Linda is a member of the leadership team for the LaGuardia Community College Connect 2 Learning Grant, and is leading faculty development Teaching Circle seminars for developing ePortfolios. Her publications include a text, Writing Through Literature, co-authored with David Hicks, a chapter in Peter Seldin’s Teaching Portfolios, a book chapter in It Really Works: Ideas from Award Winning English Teachers, and numerous aritcles on writing across the curriculum, service learning, and writing with technology. Linda earned her BA from Connecticut College, her MAT from Harvard University, and her Ed.D from Columbia University Teachers College.

Meeting Summary, January Portfolio CoP Meeting

Meeting Summary

January Portfolio CoP Meeting
Date: January 12th, 2011

Dr. Anne Scholefield facilitated an engaging presentation and discussion on her experience coordinating the ePortfolio program for the Teacher Education Office at the University of British Columbia. The lively discussion was wide-ranging and covered a number themes related to the implementation and development of ePortfolios including assessing ePortfolios, ePortfolio platforms and the implementation process.

Stay-tuned for the topic for the next Portfolio CoP meeting on February 8th from 10:30am to 12:00pm.


Teacher Education Office, ePortfolio Resources

Teacher Education Office, UBC, ePortfolio Support Site

Teacher Education Office, UBC, ePortfolio Examples

UBC Portfolio CoP Blog

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Lucas Wright, Learning Technologist, CTLT

Article Review of Portfolios in Higher Education

Hi all, the following article I have linked below looks at a survey of higher education institutions and their application of portfolios.

The Association for Authentic, Experiential and Evidence-Based Learning ( conducted a survey of its 100 institutional members in five countries this year and found 61 distinct uses of portfolios among the 20 institutions that responded.


November 29th Portfolio CoP Meeting Summary

November Portfolio CoP Meeting
Date: November 29th, 2010

Dr. John Egan facilitated an engaging presentation on the design, application and assessment of ePortfolios in ETEC565A a course offered as part of the Master of Educational Technology (MET) program at UBC. During his presentation John touched on key elements of the project as well as provided information on lessons learned through the process. We then discussed projects that other community members are involved with and brainstormed topics for upcoming Portfolio CoP meetings.

Stay tuned for an email with the upcoming meeting dates for the Winter Semester.

Presentation Slides
E-Portfolio Assessment, ETEC565A: Learning Technologies: Selection, Design and Application.

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Video from Common Craft: Common Craft provides an introduction to the concept of RSS feeds

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Australian ePortfolio Toolkit
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