Partners in Time: a Scientific Study

holdinghandscroppedWondering how time impacts you and your partner’s decision making? Take part in this new study and find out!

UBC Psychology’s Social Cognition and Emotion Lab is collecting data for a study investigating how time impacts couples’ daily decision making. There are no restrictions to participate in this study; the only requirement is that participants are in a current romantic relationship. In a long-distance relationship? No problem! Your partner can complete the survey online.

What’s in it for you?

  • $5 Gift Card OR HSP Credit for you (more on HSP)
  • $5 Gift Card OR HSP Credit for your partner

PLUS! You’ll be involved in a fun research project with UBC Psychology prof. Elizabeth Dunn and Harvard Business School’s Michael Norton, the authors of Happy Money, the Science of Smarter Spending.

If you and your romantic partner are interested in participating in this study  please email: and indicate the weekdays and times you and your partner will both be available for a half-hour lab visit.

Social Cognition and Emotion Lab
Department of Psychology
University of British Columbia
2136 West Mall
Vancouver BC


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