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Recruiting for the Visual Attention/Perception Study of Men With and Without Prostate Cancer

There is a new study looking at vision and perception in prostate cancer patients. The study is a collaborative project between researchers Drs. Alan Kingstone and Richard Wassersug at UBC, and Dr. Jaime Palmer-Hague at Trinity Western University in Langley.

The study will compare the perceptual responses of men with prostate cancer to that of age-matched men without prostate cancer, and more generally, seeks to investigate the ways in which people view, understand, and interact with visual stimuli. The study is especially important for prostate cancer patients on certain drugs that might affect their mood and attention. Continue reading

How environmental regularities help visual search – and to find beer

beerblogpostBy  Yu Luo

How far can you go as an undergraduate research assistant in a psychology lab? Your first thoughts may be giving debriefing, running subjects or entering data. These were exactly what I had had in mind before joining Dr. Jiaying Zhao’s lab. However, I have gained far more experiences than I expected. Continue reading

A welcoming word

Welcome to Psi Blog, the Department of Psychology’s community blog. This blog is a platform for exchanging ideas and fostering discussion between us all. And hopefully we’ll have some fun in the process!

This blog allows us to capture and tell the stories of our faculty, students, staff and alumni. It’s a place for the UBC Psychology community to go for insight into our research and teaching activities, our departmental resources, news and updates, and more. Continue reading