DC Mobile Notary

DC Mobile Notary is an authorized and licensed Notary service based in Washington DC. We offer our services in Washington, North Virginia, Southern Maryland, and all their surrounding areas. We are available 24/7, and our services are based on appointment. This makes it easier to serve our customers more effectively.

Our services include mobile/travelling notaries, apostilles, embassy legalisation, I-9 employment verification, and lots more! This covers all the documents and papers you need for your real estate, travel, employment, and financial agreements. Feel free to find out more about how we can serve you better.

We have successfully helped thousands of individuals, businesses, and organisations because of our culture of excellence. Our staff are fully trained and experienced, and our services are smooth and reliable. With DC Mobile Notary, you have the correct and legal documentation for your situation at your disposal. Here’s a more critical look at what we do.

What we do

We accept documents from a list of 116 countries as seen on our website. However, for those countries outside the Hague convention, it is a little bit more challenging. Therefore, we save our clients from the stress of it all, saving their time and energy with our services. Besides, we have a full-service package, which includes free pickup and delivery, complete notarization and legalisation.

Let us give you the life that you deserve. You can trust us with any of your documents. The information we receive from our customers is 100% safe and protected. We provide the following services:

  • Mobile/travelling notary

For one reason or the other, you may find it difficult to process your papers because of where you are. However, with our mobile notary service, we can travel up to meet you and help with the whole process. Distance is not a barrier. Additionally, we offer price breaks if the number of your signatures are many.


We pair our clients with our agents and make sure that our agents deliver the exact requirements. Thus, we have upheld our name as your one-call solution for all mobile notary services. Our agents are well travelled and experienced; therefore, meeting you anywhere you are is not a problem. DC Mobile notary is a truly revolutionary brand and one of the pioneers of this service.

Travelling abroad could be difficult for many people. However, our professionals at DC Mobile Notary will ensure that you experience little or no delays when travelling abroad. We can help you legalize your documents in no time. Unlike other companies, we collect and deliver your documents to a place of your choice. We locally operate in the DMV, so we can easily reach out to you.

Also, if you are looking to transfer documents to a foreign country, we would also help with the apostille. At the end of the process, no individual or authority can doubt the authenticity of your documents. All these are possible because we have garnered years of experience in this field. Thus, we can guarantee that you will hardly have any delays in the whole process. Our prices are competitive, and our service is trustworthy.

  • Embassy legalization

DC Mobile Notary can take care of all your embassy needs. We have a team of specialists that has been trained to handle all forms and processes needed for any embassy legalization document. No task is too complicated for us. In the most difficult circumstances, we still process your entire documents within 7 to 10 business days. This is because we prefer to take our time to process the legalisation with the appropriate authorities so that it won’t be rejected.


If you come from a country outside the Hague Convention, where it is even harder to process documents, our agents can deliver a full-service experience making it very easy for you. We cover complete legalization for countries like China, Egypt, UAE, and Thailand. Our embassy and consulate services include a free and swift pickup and delivery, complete notarization, authentication, and legalization.

I-9 employment verification

If you are looking to work in the United States, then you have no problem with DC Mobile Notary. Our team of professionals takes full charge in filling out the I-9 employment verification form that you need. This details of this form are highlighted on our website.

Our 24/7 availability makes it easy for our customers to schedule an appointment to when it suits them. Our authorized agents provide you with all the help that you need in processing the documents that establish your identity and employment authorization. You can have that dream job you have always desired.

Our Citizen and Immigration services are fast, convenient, and affordable, making us among the best at what we do. You can go about your daily activities and trust that we have got you covered. It also covers those below the age of 18. All you need to do is schedule an appointment at a place convenient for you, and our agents would meet you up.

Other areas of our service include single-page document signings for adoption, divorce, and Power of Attorney, signing of financial, health, and insurance documents, loan and mortgage documents, and several deeds.

Irrespective of the profession or business you are in, DC Mobile Notary

Reach out to us today! We accept all forms of payments and you can have great customer service. We are on all social media, and you will find the handles on our website. Follow us and be the first to get the latest information on our services. Send us an email today or give us a call to set up your appointment. Do not miss this opportunity.


Are Band Saws Dangerous?

Any woodworking tool is potentially hazardous if basic safety guidelines are disregarded. Band saws are no exception. This article will provide you with essential tips to prevent any kind of physical injury.

In general, the device is one of the safest woodworking machines. Check reviews of the best bandsaw types available on Amazon and make sure to follow these vital recommendations the next time you work with wood. 

Protect Your Eyes

Eye protection is a must. First, as the saw rotates, little splinters and wood pieces fly in all directions. Secondly, in the event of breaking, you risk getting a piece of the blade in your eye. Putting on the glasses is an easy thing to do, but it is enough to prevent such disasters.  Make it a habit.

Protect Your Hands

Never reach across the device to flip the switch. If it is on your left, do it with your left hand. Your hands must be at least 3 inches away from the cutting element. You should be sliding the stock through the blade holding it with one hand on each side. 

Under no circumstances should you put your hand in the cut line, regardless of the distance from the blade. Use a push stick whenever you need to hold the stock close to our body. 

Protect Your Ears

Noise is an issue for only some of the users. If it bothers use, take steps to safeguard your ears. Use ear muffs or plugs to feel comfortable.


Woodworking requires certain protective clothing. Opt for a tight fit. Garments with long sleeves may be caught in the blade, which is extremely precarious. 

Regular Checks

It is imperative that you check your tool before every single cut. Otherwise, you risk damaging it prematurely. As the device operates thanks to a multitude of blocks and wheels, these elements must be subject to frequent checks. 

Based on the manufacturer’s guidelines, you may also need to adjust them from time to time. These precautions make sure the wear and tear do not accumulate too early. 


Another crucial parameter to monitor is tension. It must never exceed the limits specified in the manual. After all the adjustments and tension checks, prepare for the cut. Here is how to do it properly. 

  1. Turn off the motor. 
  2. Lay the stock flat on the band saw table. It must never be free-handed in mid-air. 
  3. Lower the blade guards to a distance between 1/8 and 1/4 inches from the stock. 
  4. Startup the tool and allow it to accelerate to its top speed. 
  5. Make sure your stock stays flat on the table at all times until the job is done.

Other Considerations

Naturally, it is best to purchase a band saw from a trusted manufacturer. Consider top models approved by jonsguide.org platform. Finally, when working on some special angle or unconventional cut, add another layer of protection (and accuracy as well!) with a miter gauge or a band saw rip fence. 


10 Must have Items for every Dorm Room

Hello freshmen! The next three or four years (depending on the course) are going to be a joy ride, which ultimately will be shaping your life for good! The UBC campus is calm, serene and very, very welcoming. I’m sure you wouldn’t have any trouble settling in and jelling up with your new-found friends.

While everyone is here to find their passion and study to the best of their potential, but this should not stop you from making your dorm room for homely – isn’t it? 


After all, you’re going to spend quite a bit of time there. A positive and lively dorm room not only looks more vibrant but also adds to your productivity. 


Here we’ve rounded up 10 of the best must-have items that can spice your empty dorm room!

  1. Game Up – Get a Ping Pong Table

Yes, you read that right! The game of Ping Pong is a hit on the campus with a cult-like following. You will find a ping pong table almost everywhere on the campus from the library to the auditorium to even the main hall. We even have Ping Pong contest yearly on the campus. This is one game you must try and learn! But you may wonder, it would occupy quite a bit of space – to be precise 9×5 foot.

Well, you don’t necessarily need a full-size table. You can either choose a mini table or ping pong conversion top. I particularly like the conversion top as you can simply mount it over your study table and play comfortably. You can find the list of best ping pong table tops here (not affiliated with them in any way).

  1. Storage Bins

The next item you must get is the storage bins, which you can easily slide under your bed. The dorm rooms are quite small, so you would want to make the best use of the space that’s available. Storage bins will keep your humble abode tidy and organized.

  1. A Small Coffee maker

The late-night assignments and study would require some healthy dose of caffeine running through your veins. Going to the canteen every time for the coffee is both costly as well as time-consuming. A small coffee maker would come very handy in such scenarios.

  1. Touch of personalization – Get an aquarium

College can be quite nerve-wracking at times, and pets are always known to be a great stress reliever. While you can’t get a real pet like a dog or fish as its against the dorm rules but what you can do is keep an aquarium and put your favorite fish. They are also low maintenance and require little to no time from you to manage. 


A 55-inch tank might work best, but you can also look for small study table aquariums. You can check the rates and the best deals for 55-inch fish tanks at Inlandaquatics.

  1. Foam mattress toppers

Most dorms come with standard spring mattresses, which I have to admit are not comfortable to sleep. A foam mattress topper can make your life easier, making the mattress slightly softer and comfier. A must-have for any student!

  1. A bookshelf 

Obviously, you will be reading and buying a lot of books. It’s imperative you would need a space to keep them safe and organized. There are various bookshelf options from over the table shelf to a full-fledged standing shelf. I personally like the desk shelf as the books are easier to access and keep.

  1. Surge Protectors and extension cords

In your room, at max, there would be two to three main electrical sockets which you share with your multiple gadgets and your roommate. You would need an extension cord with built-in surge protection so that you can power your laptop, phone, and other gadgets at your convenient location.

  1. Dorm or lap Desk

While most dorm rooms come fitted with a bare minimum study desk, but some of them don’t. Or, if you don’t like the desk that came along, probably you should upgrade it as soon as you can. You’re going to be using the desk most of the time; a comfortable desk can surely go a long way.

Find the best deal on dorm desks here.

  1. Study Lamp

A study lamp is a quintessential item for any college student. The dorm rooms are known for the poor lighting, and sometimes your roommate might have a different sleeping schedule. A study lamp can help you avoid all that and at the same time, help you study with more focus.

  1. Command Hanging strips

Our last pick is a lifesaver helping avoid the frustrating of putting a nail on the wall. The best way to personalize your room is to put the posters of your favorite characters. But hanging the poster involves putting nails on the wall, which by the way is against the dorm rules. 

Command Hanging strips to rescue! These innovative and practical strips help you hang any frame, posters, or lights with ease with major Fuzz.

Buy them here.

So, here you go this sum up the list. I hope you found the items helpful!

Guide to Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing

Given that the affiliate marketing industry is constantly changing, it will be important to know what are some of the traffic sources available. In order to build efficient campaigns or expand existing ones, each affiliate must have an in-depth understanding of each traffic source. But before we get to that, let’s see four of the most important sources that you must know.

Source: electrobot.co

Alt-text: affiliate marketing traffic sources

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Usually a long-term solution for traffic generation, SEO helps affiliates gain organic traffic from Google. Your website can rank higher among search results depending on the content, backlinks, keywords, traffic, and other factors that are part of the Google algorithm. We must emphasize that one of the most important parts has to do with the content you add on page, so focus on that if you are at the beginning. This is one of the most reliable free traffic sources, but it could take a few months until you start to see consistent results.

Social Media Marketing

Combining free-traffic solutions with paid ones is one of the best combinations. In addition to SEO, using social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook. Instagram, YouTube, and others will help you engage with a lot of people, that can convert into leads. Being active on multiple platforms is easier now that we have automated software allowing you to schedule the posts. Same like SEO, building an audience on social media will depend on what you have to offer, so the content or eventual bonuses will play an important role.

Contextual Advertising

This type of advertising refers to advertisement blocks that are integrated into content, in the appropriate context. The most common networks where contextual advertising is run are Google or Microsoft pubCenter. Whether is for Clickbank affiliates, forex affiliate programs, or another affiliate niche, using this method will display advertisements in a small text or banner format on various pages. Generally speaking, these pages belong to partner sites that run Google Adsense for monetization.

Email Advertising

Most of the affiliate marketers don’t know that email marketing is one of the most underutilized traffic sources, yet one that could be very efficient. Did you know that are there many email newsletter publishers selling advertising space in their newsletters? Or that you build your own email list? If the first solution seems more appealing to you, there are plenty of reliable sources of publishers wanting to work with affiliate marketers. Directory of Ezines is one of them, but you can also do your own research to see whether some companies are interested to work with you.

Twitter has announced it is to Clear Out inactive Accounts

Recently, Twitter announced that will be clearing out inactive accounts to free up dormant usernames and decrease the risks of hacking. Twitter will be sending out emails to the owners of these inactive accounts warning them to sign in before December 11th or risk losing their accounts. Twitter stated that inactive accounts constitute of accounts that haven’t been signed in for more than six months.

Twitter Statement

A spokesperson stated that Twitter is working to clear out inactive accounts to offer credible information to twitter users. He stated that this exercise is to encourage users to log in and actively use Twitter when they register on the platform.  However, Twitter hasn’t made any statement on when reclaimed user names will be available for use. But the Twitter spokesperson stated that the removal process will occur for over several months and not just one single day.

Active Bots Are Safe

As long as your Twitter bot or secondary account is active, you are safe from this cleanup. Any inactive Twitter account gotten from platforms like Accs Market are at risk of being removed. This isn’t the first time a social platform has performed a cleaning process. In 2013, Yahoo performed a recycling process that allowed people to take advantage of inactive usernames.

You Can No Longer Register a Username with Less Than Five Characters

Alongside this inactive account clearing announcement, Twitter no longer allows users who have gotten their accounts from platforms like accsmarket  to register a username with less than five characters. This means that even when your dream username is off for grabs, you might not be able to register it because of this clause.

The Email

The email sent out to inactive Twitter accounts included a message stating that for the inactive users to continue using their accounts, they need to agree to the new privacy policy and terms. The email also let them know that they need to log into their accounts on or before December 11th, 2019 and follow the prompts to enable them to continue using their accounts.

Memorializing the Dead

The Twitter announcement made didn’t get the desired effects as a lot of twitter users were concerned about the accounts of their deceased loved ones. Twitter has since heard the pleas of its users and has halted on its clear out plans until it finds a way to memorialize the accounts of the deceased. The Twitter official account posted that not acknowledging that there are accounts belonging to deceased loved ones is a miss on their part.

Twitter users need not worry about their accounts from sites like https://accsmarket.com/en/catalog/twitter/s-otlezhkoj-17, all we have to do now is wait and see what Twitter will come up with. Facebook has a feature that allows friends and family of the deceased to report them as deceased so maybe Twitter will offer something similar.

How to Use Steam on a Proxy Network

Most gamers use Steam because it is a digital sharing platform specifically reserved to gaming.  This platform developed by Valve Corporation allows people to purchase and play video games – it also offers video streaming services, digital rights management services, and others. Steam is supported by Windows OS, Mac OS, Linux, Consoles, and Smartphones. Despite the fact that Steam can be accessed without a Proxy network, there are several reasons why people opt to use Steam on a proxy network. In this article, we will discuss the reasons why people use steam proxy as well as how to use Steam on a proxy network. Let’s get right to it, shall we?

Why People Opt to Use Steam on a Proxy Network

There are different major reasons why people use Steam on a proxy network. One of which is to access Steam in a restricted area or using a restricted network. Steam has a number of restrictions which do not allow people in specific geographic areas to access the platform. Also, there are some restricted networks which do not allow access to the Steam network. Here, using a proxy network like https://proxy-store.com/en/type/games/steam to use the Steam platform is a way to tackle the varying restrictions.

Another reason why people opt to use Steam on a proxy network is because of the pricing policy of the platform. Steam offers its users keys to unlock games based on their location but with a proxy network, you can bypass any restrictions the platform sets by location. This way, you’ll be able to purchase the cheaper games by choosing the proxy of the cheap locations.

Lastly, the Steam distribution policies is another reason why people opt for proxy networks. There are different game lists for varying countries and they are some games not available in different locations. With a proxy network, you will be able to play any game you want without geological restrictions.

Steps to Using Steam on a Proxy Networks

Highlighted below are the different ways you can use steam on a proxy network.

  • By Making Use of a Proxifier
  • By Making Use of Proxycap
  • By using Proxychain

You can run steam on a proxy network on any of your devices using any of the applications and software highlighted above.

Wrapping It Up

Steam just like most platforms have restrictions especially location specific restrictions. With the help of proxy networks, game enthusiasts can now enjoy the Steam platform to its fullest. They can enjoy low prices, no location restrictions, and many other benefits. Steam is supported by Windows OS, iOS, Linux, Smartphones, and others. Users can access the Steam platform on proxy networks like in different ways.

Curtains buying guide – how to buy curtains online

It is quite possible to add grace and shade in your room with the correct window decorations. The curtains can help characterize the subject of space and provide a perfect touch to the stylistic theme. In case you’re uncertain of where to begin, this curtain purchasing guide has all that you need.

There are Delightful Curtains for Each Stylistic theme:

It’s ideal to have some curtains designs in your mind before you begin searching for one. Curtains are adaptable sets that can run with practically any stylistic theme style. If you incline toward a progressively sentimental vibe, something translucent, decrepit chic curtains will be just fine.

Step by step instructions for installing curtains:

Before you decide to hang the curtains, you must realize what you are involved with. Installation of curtains is not rocket science; however, it requires some arrangement in advance. Here are the fundamental steps you need to follow while installing curtains:

  • Imprint where you want the brackets to go
  • Drilling the holes
  • Putting screws in the brackets
  • Fixing curtains into the hanging rod
  • Placing the rod in brackets


Every Room has the best suitable curtain:

There are curtains that work best for specific rooms. Sweeping, long window boards look great in lounges and rooms. But do remember that these are not fit for kitchens. Short curtains are ideal in Kitchen windows, for example, cafe curtains or valances.

The Best Sorts of fabric in curtains:

With such a large number of various blind textures, how might you make sure to locate an ideal choice for your room? Diverse fabrics are perfect for various rooms. For instance, you should look for polyester curtains for your bedroom or living rooms. These curtains are not appropriate for kitchens as the material is combustible and assimilates smells. Linen, then again, is an incredible fabric for kitchen curtains.

Here is a guide to choosing the ideal few fabric types:

Keep away from vertical stripes, substantial florals or periodic fabrics. For example, if you choose Art Deco or Renee Macintosh, it can drop unpredictably among the folding of the curtains. Hence, you will get a confusing looking design in the vacant position.

You can choose medium weighted or light fabrics as it has no restriction on themes and designs.

Do remember, that medium or lightweight fabrics are not perfect for weighty velvets or extremely articulated surfaces. Pleats appear to have the best impacts on flat and level completion textures.

Step by step instructions for finding the appropriate bars for curtains:

Curtain bars play a significant role in delightful window decoration. When they’re set excessively high or excessively low or are the wrong size for your window, it can make your curtain display go for a toss. Your curtains ought to be mounted about four or six inches over the frame of your window. It will give your windows a stupendous impact.

Essential Accessories for your curtains:

Window decorations are more than and curtains and curtain poles. Embellish your drapes with excellent window curtain equipment. Tiebacks, rings, clasps, and holdbacks would all be able to take your windows to an entire another dimension.

Curtain Track to Use with every types of heads:


It should be on a rod, ideally metallic for strong protection from damages from rings of metals. Wood made posts are just prudent if blinds are dress shades just and won’t be drawn. Most extreme poles width suggested for using with these eyelets is thirty millimetre Tie-backs which does not fit with this kind of heads.

 Pleats like Pencils:

It can be held tight any sort of rods. It is prescribed for usage with attachments to keep folds together.

Pinch Pleats:

This accessory is suggested for ideally using on a post as it is not appropriate for a wide range of poles. It is ideal at tracks you can swing the curtains from underneath the rods. You should not use it with pelmets as the custom fitted heads will be covered up. You may or may not use it without tie-backs.


It’s quite simple to take a look at a couple of curtains and develop feelings for their themes and styles. It is when you are viewing at the photo on the packages or the item pictures on websites like https://blinddesign.nl/. However, you must remember, this doesn’t mean that they are directly for your home. If the window where you need to hang these curtains coordinates the look, size, measurements and room kind of the window in the photo then the curtains you are seeing will most likely be an ideal one for your home. Hence, it is always recommended, that you study the room thoroughly. Identify the exact color and shades of curtains that will be the ideal match for your room. You might then be able to take the final call.

OWLS-II: Development of Standard Scores per Scale

The original Oral and Written Language Scales (OWLS) were developed to measure language and used widely as a valid assessment by a range of professions. Revisions to the OWLS improved on a number of factors and became the basis for the OWLS-II assessment. It preserves the comprehensive features of the OWLS and develops new enhancements.

Revised scoring software, a new reading comprehension test, and updated artwork are part of these enhancements. Experts evaluated the assessment, examined user feedback, and performed tryouts to ensure both the reliability and accuracy of the improvements.

Standardizing the scores for each scale ensures that they are accurate and they enable a consistent evaluation of individuals being examined. The process for developing these standard scores was intended to identify the best way to score each scale.

Derivation of Standard Scores

Because children develop much more quickly at younger ages, the norms for the OWLS-II were created in three-month intervals for ages three to seven, six-month intervals for ages eight to twelve, and one-year intervals for ages thirteen to fifteen, while a combination of age years was used for ages sixteen to twenty-one.

A Quick Word about Composite Scores

The sums of standard scores were used to derive composite scores. For example, the sum of the Listening Comprehension (LC) and Oral Expression (OE) standard scores creates the Oral Language composite score. Using the standard scores instead of the raw scores provides a more equally weighted scale in the composites.

Because the sums of the standard scores were found to be normal instead of skewed, deriving the composite scores was straightforward. Different ages are accounted for in the initial conversion to standard scores, so when calculating composite scores, it isn’t necessary to have different conversions by age.

Test-Age & Test-Grade Equivalent Scores

The test-age equivalent score is the age in years and months when a raw score or an ability score is the same as the average score. The test-grade equivalent score is the grade placement in grade and tenths of a school year when the raw score or ability score is the same as the average score.

The test-age equivalent scores were developed using the age-based norms for each scale while the test-grade equivalent scores were generated using the grade-based norms for each scale. These equivalent scores were determined by linking the raw score or ability score corresponding to a standard score of 100 for each age or grade group to the midpoint for the age or grade.

When plotted, the raw scores and ability scores created curves used to determine the age and grade equivalent scores for each raw score or ability score.

Development of Standard Scores

The development of standard scores for each scale uses both age-based and grade-based norms, deriving linear standard scores from raw scores and standard deviations. If norm group scores were skewed, normalized scores were calculated from percentile ranks.

Because the OWLS-II evaluates individuals from a very early age into full maturity, it is likely that the distributions will be skewed. Statistics smoothing can be applied to estimate standard deviations and reduce the fluctuation of scores.

The smoothing curves all conform to simple growth curve expectations and using a similar process to the one used in the first OWLS, consistent data points can be established along the developmental curve. The final scores show good measurement.

The accurate development of standard scores means that the scores are reliable for showing normal growth from year to year and identifying anomalies in individuals tested where clinicians can come to logical conclusions and make focused decisions.

For more information on the OWLS-II, visit WPS Publish online.

Top Netflix Shows for Students

The world is binge-watching every moment and the term Netflix has become a verb due to the heavy use. This media-service provider allows the subscribers to watch thousands of shows, movies, documentaries, and videos. While Netflix is headquartered in California, it is being accepted as an entertainment provider worldwide. It is the original streaming option available to the audience and offers a wide range of content across every genre.

Netflix’s library contains a broad spectrum of various kinds of content from major genres. The shows from prime networks are also present on Netflix. Though Netflix database is huge, not every show/movie is available for all the regions. Netflix USA is the most popular choice among worldwide users. Thankfully, there is a way students can unblock Netflix with VPN by selecting a right VPN server. This way you will be able to stream Netflix for any region without geo-restrictions. Now that you know how to access Netflix without blocking any content, here is a couple of popular TV shows a student can opt for the following shows:

  • Heartland

‘Heartland’ is a multi-generational saga starring Amber Marshall, Graham Wardle, Michelle Morgan, Shaun Johnston, and Chris Potter. The story is set in Canada, and the storyline revolves around a family, getting through a life full of vicissitudes. Netflix has seven complete seasons of ‘Heartland’ with a total 121 episodes.

  • Merlin

‘Merlin’ is a thrilling retelling of Arthurian legend staring various actors. Merlin has five seasons, and now the complete series is available on Netflix. The story revolves around a mythical city named Camelot, where magic is banned. A young man with extraordinary powers comes to the city to unfold some adventures and battle to restore magic in the city. The story is full of dangerous foes, murderous monsters, and powerful sorcerers, and it is a perfect show for the fantasy lover.

  • Once Upon a Time

The Netflix show starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla, Jared Gilmore, and Josh Dallas, is known as – ‘Once upon a time.’ This American fairy tale drama series is a tale of the fictional seaside town of Storybrooke. The residents are actually fairy-tales characters, which are re-imagined in the “real world” town. The characters do not remember their real memories because of a powerful curse. This story is like a fairy-tale come true.

  • When Calls The Heart

‘When Calls the heart’ is an astonishing show that tells the story of captivating Elizabeth Thatcher. The story stars Daniel Lissing, Erin Krakow, and Lori Laughlin. The story is based on 19th-century coal town when a young teacher from a reputed high society receives a first-ever classroom assignment in the town. The teacher learns new ways to survive in that strange place.

  • Land Girls

The most powerful show derived from BBC is ‘Land Girls.’ The show is available on Netflix and is watched by thousands of audience. The show stars Nathaniel Parker and Sophie Ward, and it is the perfect epitome of the backdrop of England after World War II. The story revolves around the issues faced by women during the war and features some girls who joined Women’s land army to contribute towards the development of Britain.

  • The Haunting of Hill House

‘The haunting of hill house’ is a multi-starter film, with the main lead Henry Thomas and Carla Gugino. The story is a horrifying experience of the pain and suffering of five children and their father when their mother dies suddenly one day. The tabloid and society termed it as suicide, going against the whole scenario. This thrilling experience is worth watching on Netflix.

  • Alias Grace

Sarah Gadon is the lead actor of ‘Alias Grace,’ which is based on a novel by Margaret Atwood. Although the story is based on a true story, it revolves around the mystery of a murder. The story focusses every harsh moment faced by Grace, and the show is no mere whodunit. A society dominated by men is portrayed in this show, with a prime focus on the sufferings of middle-class women faces.

  • Peaky Blinders

Netflix is well known for its collection of crime drama and thriller stories, and one of such creation is ‘Peaky Blinders,’ which is based on a British crime family. It stars Cillian Murphy as Tommy Shelby, whose tale starts when he returns from the war. The muddy mentality of people is wonderfully shot in this show, as the main lead tries to expand the family’s control over the city of Birmingham, collaborating with other crime families against the British government.

  • Mind Hunter

The story of ‘Mind Hunter’ is based on the American history of cultural earthquakes. The crime of a serial killer is being ignored by the agency, and the FBI is led by Agent Holden Ford, stared by Jonathan Groff. He tries to put some sense in the violence and in turn, tries to find out the inner cause behind perception and motivation of serial killers. The story is a wonderful depiction of criminal psychology.

Netflix is a treasure trove for terrific shows for students, and the above shows are one of those few wonderful contents of Netflix.








5 Ways To Stay Healthy When You Go To College

Starting college is an exciting time. For a lot of young students, college is the first opportunity they have to ‘adult’ and a lot of us fall at the first hurdle. When working hard and partying harder, it doesn’t take long for students to fall into unhealthy habits. It’s easy to drink too much, skip exercise session and eat ramen noodles at midnight, but after just a few weeks of this, your body may begin to feel the effects.


Unhealthy eating and drinking can have a negative impact on your weight, your mental wellbeing, and your academic performance. When you first start college, it’s important to stay at the top of your game and keep your grades up, and making healthy choices can make this a lot easier. In this article, we list 5 good habits that will help to keep you happy and healthy throughout your college career.


  1. Join an Exercise Club

Exercise is a key component of a healthy lifestyle, and it can be one of the things that students neglect the most. During high school, most of us take part in some form of physical activity on a regular basis. Whether this is cheerleading or track, it plays some part in keeping us fit and healthy. However, when students begin college, many opt to skip the extracurricular sports in favor of studying or parties.


It’s important to make new friends and get involved in social activities when you first start college and sports clubs and fitness classes can offer a great opportunity to meet new people who also share your passion for a healthy lifestyle. Even if you only workout once or twice a week, it will go a long way to making you feel more fit and healthy.


  1. Eat Well

This seems like an obvious point to make, but slipping into unhealthy eating habits is one of the easiest things to do, and it can also be one of the hardest habits to break. It’s important to focus on your eating habits from day one in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. When you first start college, settling in can feel like a whirlwind, and many people will feel overwhelmed and neglect healthy foods.


To combat this, more and more people are taking advantage of meal kit services, which compile ingredients for healthy meals and deliver them to your door, which means none of your precious time is wasted at the grocery store. And if your schedule is too busy for cooking at all, there are a ton of options for healthy, meal prep delivery services, which could help you balance healthy eating with your time demands. These companies offer a variety of healthy meals at affordable prices, and they can deliver them straight to your door. The only thing easier than that is pizza delivery, but that’s not healthy!


  1. Cut Down On Coffee

For your first few months at college, you are probably going to be busier than you’ve ever been in your life. With new classes, social events and extracurriculars, it’s easy to feel burnt out and turn to our caffeine filled best friend for support. Whilst coffee is yummy and great for treating yourself after class, too much caffeine can really take a toll on your general health and well being. Overloading on coffee can lead to some serious health effects like anxiety, insomnia, and digestive issues, which can be really hard to deal with when you are adjusting to a new lifestyle.


If you find yourself lacking in energy, there are a ton of healthy foods and fruits that can give you that added boost, and you can also try taking vitamins to maintain a healthy balance in your body.


  1. Don’t Binge Drink

For most people, college is the first real opportunity we have to drink alcohol, and a lot of students get into a routine of drinking too much, too often. Although alcohol can be a nice addition in a social setting, when you drink too much on a regular basis, it can lead to a number of health issues. In the short term, drinking can make you feel tired, make you more likely to choose carb-heavy foods and increase your need for extra energy (like coffee). In the long term, alcohol abuse can also lead to addiction, mental health problems and digestive issues.


Of course, if you want to drink when hanging out with friends, go for it, but our advice is to drink responsibly and in moderation, because too much alcohol can cause big problems, and could bring a premature end to the studies you’ve worked so hard for.


  1. Meditate

One of the biggest challenges college students face is mental health issues. College can be a really stressful time for some people, especially when you first move out of your family home. Although it’s exciting take your first steps into the big wide world, it can also be difficult to adjust to your new surroundings, and it’s easy to feel isolated or alone when you are separated from your family. On top of all that, college studies can be demanding, which makes maintaining a healthy mind essential to ensure your college success.


Mediation can help you with this. Many students report that meditation helps them to improve their focus towards their studies, manage the general stresses of being away from home and deal with anxiety and depression. Meditation is recommended by many doctors as a great way of treating and preventing mental health issues. It may feel a little strange at first, but there are hundreds of videos on YouTube that will help you to get to grips with meditation and find out how to get started.


But remember, if you do feel you are struggling mentally with the stresses of college life, always seek help and advice. Whether this is from the school counselor, a friend or a family member – a problem shared is a problem halved!


Hopefully, these tips will help you to complete your studies happily and healthily. Good luck with your college adventures!