Estate and Modern Jewelry Designs

There are varieties of jewelry styles. Many professionals name the styles by the era in which they were created. In this article, we are going to give you a look unique styles that are currently used in today`s jewelry designs.

Vintage style

The “vintage style” is a term that is generally used to describe pieces that exhibit vintage motifs, with a classic environment reminiscent of the old world, with fine details, such as hand engraving, milgrain roulet (details with roulette wheel to make small half-spheres and filigree, in addition to being delicately forged. It is perhaps the widest range. This type is found in many of the well-known stores. For example, the vintage Squash Blossom Necklace by Vogue Jewelry.

Victorian Style

Victorian jewelry is distinguished by the art of elaborate motifs, often composed of open filigree and delicate engravings. The Victorian-style pieces also incorporate more colors in the design. It includes mixed metals, and often have pieces with a decorated sapphire center.

Edwardian Style

Edwardian jewelry is named after King Edward, who ascended the throne after Victoria’s death. The rings of this genre are typically more extravagant and of adornments that come from their Victorian predecessors, with more diamond centers and a liberal use of heights that stand out greatly on the finger used. A larger and higher gallery is the Edwardian style feature, the upper faces of the rings can be found adorned with lateral stones to which they have added ornaments for their enhancement.

Art Nouveau Style

The Art Nouveau style of jewelry expresses the natural world, with idealized shapes, undulating curves, and different styles of lines. Flowers and birds are represented, as well as mythical beings, which make the pieces of Art Nouveau jewelry to freeze a moment. When creating a piece with this order of ideas, elements of filigree, curved shapes are almost always present elements.

Art Deco Style

The Art Deco gem is a style that successfully combines two styles that seem incompatible, luxury and simple. It is usually composed of common shapes and made of various materials. The black color is basic, with clarity and simplicity of lines, combine various metals and shapes.

The Art Deco style jewelry is recognized using symmetry and geometric patterns. All this thematic inspiration was taken from ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. The lines are clear and have perfectly divided spaces.

Contemporary Style

Contemporary jewelry has a noticeable difference with regard to other styles. These are pieces that focus rather on the elaboration of the natural beauty of the jewelry itself with a clean design and modern and defined forms. There are no established design rules; they must only comply with contemporary design, in which the options are unlimited.

Organic Style

The wild and capricious movements that nature has, is the organic style of this jewelry. Organic elements as an idea can come from anywhere and everywhere. These can be waves, vines, leaves, or some clouds. The idea is to interpret the natural world using metal. This theme gives the jewelry the possibility of the distinction of the artists who perform it.

Rustic Style

This is a style with which goldsmiths and jewelry artisans show all the art with a wide range of textures and finishes. It also includes the use of sliced precious stones in a variety of ways with which they achieve a jewel of exceptional level that form aesthetically precious jewels. The idea is also the use of precious materials that seem as close to their natural state. The rustic challenges traditional notions and have samples of great perfection, which makes them very elegant and outstanding.

Abstract Style

This style has a range that depends on the taste of the artists who perform it, the inspirations are varied. They are pieces perfectly combined with different colors of stones, as well as the different metals which are combined artistically. Others are true artifacts that even have mobility. The gathering of all these ideas and materials make an abstract style many times unique. Sometimes you will be surprised with pieces that have elements that you may never think could be incorporated.


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