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Clay powders are soft byproducts of weathered volcano ash.
Subjected to severe environmental influence over a drastic time, of both chemical and physical orientation.
Like fingerprints, finding identical clay powders is near impossible.
Hydroscopic in nature, typically they may be able to absorb large quantities of water and can likely expand immensely.
Carrying an electric charge, clay is quite often capable of absorbing radioactive materials, and heavy metals.

Essential oils are created in a similar way to alcohol.
Through fractional distillation we are able to extract potent concentrations of active material.

Animism is a fairly misunderstood aspect of african native religion, and in common day, cultural exchange is common in Africa.
Missionaries, so willing to change the views of societies they don’t even know the history of.
It is a sad state of affairs when the glue that holds these communities together is torn apart in blind reason.
A rightous hammer of a god not even understood within the fabrics of these peoples realities.
Cultural differences reflect in the practice of traditions and such as in Zen Buddhism, you would not understand the true nature
of it without being a part of the culture behind it.

The religious history of mongolia has a murky past.
Mongolia is a buddhist nation with a shamanistic subculture.
Tengrism, their native religion is very similar in ways to the spiritual practices of native Americans.
This practice originated with the huns but lost it’s vibrance within the community when Khaganate declared Manichaeism
the native religion of the land.

A Kappa is a humanoid imp that resembles an over-sized frog. They were commonly depicted as being green, but different colored Kappa have been known to exist. They had elongated, triangular eyes and have been shown to have either tortoise-like beaks or apelike faces. They also have scaly skin and shells, much like a tortoise. A Kappa would have a depression on the top of their head that they fill with water and use as the source of their powers. There is also a hair version of the Kappa, known as a Hyƍsube

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