10 Cool Tips for Creating a New Blog

People beginning a new blog may work so hard, word day and night for getting the audience to their content but they are unaware of a lot of important things which are key for starting a blog and keep it surviving well. Starting a new blog requires a great deal of motivation, consistency, and patience but none of these attributes is as important as working smart. Written below are some great tips for people who are starting a new blog which are learned mostly through experience.


  • Strong Branding Elements


Being an owner of a personal blog gives you a lot of liberty but also expects so much from you. To have an early impact on your audience and readers, you must have a proper logo on board. Along with the logo, the themes which are going to be followed in the future should be defined as well. Create the style, the style which is all yours and depicts your content properly. If you’re writing on IT / computer related topics like mechanical keyboards, stick to that, if you’re writing on topics like fashion, stick to that


  • Keep your Blog Search Engine Optimized


The most important thing a blogger need is the traffic and that too, the quality one. SEO, a term which is becoming a cliché has a deeper approach, different from how it sounds. When your content is Search Engine Optimized you will be able to gather traffic from Google, the traffic which will be genuinely interested in what you write or what you sell.


  • A must: Responsive Blog Design


The most important yet ignored aspect is ‘Having a Responsive Blog Design’. When we are browsing the internet through a smartphone, we may come across some websites or blog in which you may have to zoom in or out to be able to see the whole content; an example of unresponsive web design. To save your readers from this struggle, your blog should be android or iOS-friendly.


  • Ask your Readers


While watching the vLogs, we may come across a tagline ‘give me a thumbs up and let me know what you will like for the next video’ if this attitude is adopted by bloggers, it can make their blog really interesting. Your readers are everything you write for and writing what they want can really help you have their attention or even gather more audience.


  • Keep doing new things; don’t bore your readers


To give your content a newer thrill, you can interview a person who is in limelight. For instance, you can review a book or perhaps a movie that has been in limelight for a while. Take a trip to someplace cool and share it. Share your food experiences from nearby cafes. Keep introducing new and fun things to your blog. Remember you are not a ghost writer or writing for a magazine, it is your blog so keep owning it.


  • Install Plug-ins and Security Backups


Having a proper security plan and back-ups is what you refer to as playing smart. Install plug-ins and keep your content safe from various prying eyes, sitting back to steal your information. Security back-ups should be installed for any kind of emergency situation, for example, if your account is hacked or something unfortunate has happened.


  • Having an Established Mailing List


Sitting and relying on Google to get all the traffic is not quite appreciable. For getting hold of readers you should have an established mailing list which can keep you updated about the people who are interested in your blog.


  • Connecting with Big Players


In each field may it be sports or studies we try to connect people who have to make their mark and have experience.  Why not adopt this approach in blogging too? Find the successful people, share their stuff, keep mentioning their work on your blog.


  • Having Powerful Visual Content


Visual content is always getting bigger. If you have good graphics, professionally edited videos and powerful images it can create a bigger impression on your readers.  When people have visual aid they better understand the whole message so, keep working on it.


  • Spending Money on Promotion


A lot of people think that it is shameful to pay for getting their work promoted when the situation is on the contrary. There are so many people having more powerful work than yours, so much noise online and this is the only way you can beat that; get your work advertised when it is properly established.



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