How to make the perfect cup of coffee

The coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world. There are billions of people who enjoy this drink every single day, but there is a question whether they know how to create the perfect cup of coffee. You can do by using coffee machines; you just have to find the ideal bland. We decided to present you some steps and rules on how to create a whole cup of coffee:

Purchase Fresh Beans

This is a rule without any questions because coffee is the best when you use it in a few days after roasting. When you buy from a local roaster, the best way is to get the freshest beans. Have in mind that bulk coffee from supermarkets is not what we are talking about.

The worst thing about the flavor of coffee is oxygen and bright light, so if you want to perfect cup of coffee, you should find the one that is entirely fresh. The best ones are vacuumed beans that you can purchase in quality packages.

Keep them fresh

When you purchase new beans, you have to put it immediately in an airtight container. The best choices are ceramic storage crocs or glass canning jars, and you have to know that you should never put it in refrigerators. The coffee can easily take other food odors, which will make it less enjoyable.

Flavor experts’ advice that you should never freeze your coffee, especially if you purchase a dark supply. You should always buy five day supply and keep it at room temperature in airtight container.

Find good coffee

People who enjoy great coffee are bigger snobs than wine drinkers, but the fact that every country produces its coffee and there are so many producers, that you cannot drink every single one and have the same taste and effect.

Therefore, we recommend you to check for 100% pure Arabica beans, which is the best quality coffee available in the world. On the other, you can also choose Robusta beans, which is a cheaper alternative.

Grind your coffee

You have to know that coffee loses quality right after grinding. The best brews are made from beans right after grinding. There are numerous mills available that you can purchase from affordable electric grinders, but you can also use the manual one for better experience.

Therefore you can get the even size and much better and more natural beauty in taste.

Use Good Water

Water is the other ingredient which is essential for proper coffee. If you use tap water without flavors and with too much chlorine, that will kill the taste immediately. On the other hand, some experts stated water should have as much as possible minerals for better flavor.

The best thing is if you can try to cook it with magnesium enhanced water because this particular mineral makes the coffee much better.


Even though coffee machines are the central part of our life; we cannot just imitate others to create useful coffee. There are some techniques that you have to try by yourself because tastes are different.


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