Foot Problems in Different Professions

Feet which keeps us mobile and bears the weight of our body are generally neglected for a good care. Usually we realise the importance of our feet when we face any foot problem. Some professions are demanding with respect to feet as the job roles demand to be always mobile or lift heavy loads. This puts stress on the arches, balls and heels of the feet which can also cause other health related issues. Here are some of the professions which can stress the feet and cause foot problems.


Health Care

Hospitals are incredibly busy places with long working hours. Doctors and nurses are always on their feet and moving about during these long shifts; walking several miles to care for their patients. This causes a range of foot problems such as flat feet, bunions, heel spurs, and ingrown nails.

There are dozens of bones, joints, muscles and connective tissues in the foot. Health care professionals spend a lot of time on their feet, stressing the tissues in their feet causing them to ache and become swollen. Prolonged inflammation can become scar tissue causing the feet to tire out.

People who work in healthcare should wear comfortable shoes that support their arches and have shock-absorbing soles. It’s best to get a professional to fit them to ensure they are the right fit for your feet.



Construction is a heavy-duty, active profession that stresses out the entire body, in particular the feet. Construction workers do their jobs in a range of weather and circumstances and spend all day on their feet except for the occasional break. They bend and lift heavy loads all day and are exhausted after the shift work.

Construction workers commonly fall victim to ankle and foot problems. Generally, the foot complaints are related to flat feet or arch problems that cause a lot of pain, affect their ability to work properly, and interfere with their personal lives.

Good work boots are essential for construction workers. They should invest in comfortable steel-toe boots to prevent problems like calluses and blisters and keep feet safe from heavy objects falling on them. Don’t forget to break them in for a few weeks before starting work. Construction workers that do get injured should take time off to heal up and visit medical professionals such as podiatrists that will be able to identify the issue and prevent additional injury.

One great tip for construction workers is freezing a bottle of water before leaving for work. Roll your feet across the frozen bottle when you get home. This reduces foot inflammation, pain and gets the blood flowing through the feet.



Barbers typically complain of suffering from foot pain, commonly caused by repetitive motions but also from not supporting the feet and preventing foot problems before they occur.

If you work as a barber then remember that you should avoid leaning on your dominant side while styling the hair. Stay grounded and evenly distribute weight across both feet. This prevents pinched nerves and the development of uneven arches.

Foot problems can also be prevented by regular exercise and a balanced diet which keeps the body weight in check. The more weight your feet are carrying, the more strain it places on your feet, legs, and back. Being heavier makes it harder to stay on your feet. It’s as simple as that.


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