Best Places to go on Student Exchange Program with your Family

Going on a student exchange program gives you a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience a new culture. It also allows you to get to know people who do not live in the same country as you and your family do. Best of all, when you enroll in a student exchange program, you can go to an entirely different place on this planet.


But it’s a challenge for Graduate and PhD students who have families to go on an exchange program. One of the things they are worried about is how to take care of their kids while abroad. The good news is international study is possible with your family and the entire experience can prove to be very enriching.

When the time comes to choose a particular place, you need to look at different factors like culture, language, family-friendly environment etc. That is so that not only you but your whole family can easily adjust and enjoy their time abroad. Here is a brief look at the best places to go on student exchange program with your family.



Melbourne is a great destination for students and has some truly outstanding universities. The academic calendar however is the exact opposite to that of North America and Europe. However, don’t let that get you down because you and your family will get to enjoy long term summers, which is going to make your stay in Australia that much more interesting.

Melbourne is extremely family friendly with large parks all around the city with lots of kids playing areas. Also, it has some of the best beaches which are even more enjoyable during summer when the temperature is warm and the sea is calm.

Melbourne has good transportation system and moving around the city is quite trouble-free. You can just stroll around the city and take family photos at some of the most picturesque places.

Melbourne is one of the top cities in the world where you can have fun time with your family. I would recommend it as one of top choices for a student exchange program.



Singapore is one of the most interesting and in-demand student exchange program destinations. The universities in Singapore enriches students by giving them a chance to learn in a very different educational, social as well as diverse cultural environment. Singapore itself is a diverse country with multiple ethnicities and races living here since its independence.

Singapore is a tiny island with good family beaches all around. The best thing about Singapore is plenty of tourist attractions nearby, like Bali in Indonesia is just about an hour flight away. Also, you can drive to Malaysia from Singapore and visit places like tioman island and Genting.




London beckons students and their families. It is home to some of the best universities in the world. Students will have so much to do with their families that there is really no reason why they should not make London their destination.

Moreover, you and your family will love the cultural diversity that England offers. English is spoken all across the country and though dialects can be hard to understand, you and your family will not have any communication issues.


Florence is a great city. When you and your family come here to study you are walking the same streets that were walked by Dante and Giotto and other famous artists. It is a great place to bring your family because of the rich culture, museums for kids, and also because of the wonderful architecture that is centuries old.

More importantly, you get to take in some outstanding art and the history of the country is also very dynamic and interesting. This is why Italy has become a much sought-after destination for students and their families. The nice thing about choosing Italy is you do not need to know Italian because English is also spoken and understood in Italy. In addition, the country offers some real benefits like a wonderful landscape, iconic sites that have a lot of historical importance.



Granada is the best city in Spain for a student exchange program with family. It is recommended because of its rich culture, student-driven nightlife and it is small enough to allow you to walk to just about every place.

When you come to Spain, you get to enjoy many interesting activities including some outstanding festivals. The Spanish siesta is world famous and does not need any introduction. Spanish is a popular language and it should not surprise you to learn that thousands of students come to Spain to learn both the language and international business. The accommodation and classroom conditions in Spain are the very best that you can find. The nice thing about coming here with your family is Spanish people love to chat and share food and soak up the sun. All of this will make your stay in the country truly memorable.


What you need to be aware of before bringing your family

First of all, you need to understand the pros and cons of a semester abroad with your family. You also need to factor in the pros and cons of short-term educational programs. Studying abroad is quite a good option for students including those who have a family. However, it does require making extra preparations because going abroad with children requires more organization as well as forward planning.


The good news is foreign educational institutions will help you with general questions about studying abroad and provides answers to questions related to studying abroad with family. Before you take your family with you on a student exchange program, you need to factor in things like the age of your kids, extras costs and extra responsibilities. Each student’s case is unique and so there is no one solution for every student with family.


It may be wise to first come to the foreign country on your own and then once you are familiar with the surroundings and cultures, you can then get your family over. It is also important to look at the cultural context and your individual context. Different cultures look at single parents differently and so it makes sense to get some input about what to expect before actually beginning your experience abroad.

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