Know the Important Road Safety Tips When Driving with Children

There is no denying that traveling with children on a road trip could be fun. At the same time, it also calls for ensuring the topmost level of road safety measures to be adopted in order to remain secure from any mishap or unwelcomed situation. On top of the casual care-giving demands of the children on board during a road trip, you have to feel additionally responsible for keeping the kids safe on the go.

Though the rules & laws pertaining to the specific requirements of the safety of children on board might vary from one state to the other, each state goes forward with adopting a specific child passenger protection law imparting it the status of primary enforcement. This implies that you can be stopped and ticketed for violating the given law by the police for no given reason. If you wish to ensure the efficiency of your car driving with children passengers, check this site out!

Here are some simple tips that can ensure the overall safety of the kids when you are driving with them on busy roads:

  • Always Prefer the Rear Seats for Children: As per the experts, it is suggested to always make your kids sit at the rear end of the car or vehicle. One of the main reasons supporting this concept is the utilization of the airbags. While, the airbags are considered to be the safest tools towards saving your life in case of a road accident, these are also known to be the root causes of children’s deaths in most cases. The reason is that small kids are too delicate to handle the sudden impact due to the inflated airbags. As such, it is advised to keep kids under the age of 12 years towards the rear seats of the car.


  • Drive Sober: Well, this could be the most vital and obvious road driving tips when you are with small children. There is no surprise that around 20 percent of child mortality in cases of road accidents occur due to drinking & driving cases. This implies that over 200 children die on an annual basis as some of the car drivers were not responsible enough. Therefore, make sure that you avoid alcohol consumption before driving out on the road when you have kids on board.


  • Drive Slowly: Another important point to keep in mind when you are traveling with small children is to drive at a moderate speed. By reducing your overall driving speed by around 1 km/hr, you can lower the potential risks of a car accident up to 2 percent. When you are driving at a moderate speed, you are also reducing the chances of injuries associated with swerving or hard braking as children tend to be immensely restless in the car.


  • Watching for Sticking Heads: Kids like sticking their heads out while being on a road trip. However, to remain on the safe end, it is important to make them realize the importance of not doing so. Though it might appear fun to them, it could lead to serious car accidents or even harm to the kids. In order to avoid taking any chances, you should keep a check on such activities happening around in the car.


  • Keep Things in Their Respective Places: Before heading out on a long road trip with kids, it is important to inspect the cabin of the vehicle inside-out. Look out for any objects that might cause harm to the kids. Preferably, stock all heavy, pointed or potentially dangerous items to the rear storage of the car. This is because small, pointed items might jump out of its place when you brake suddenly and might harm the kids.


  • Never Leave Children Alone in the Car: In addition to car accidents, there are several cases of children mortality happening every year due to heatstroke in the vehicles. Therefore, to avoid the same, you must never leave your kids inside the car for long.


Make sure that you have taken all important preventive measures towards securing the road journey with your kids. Check this site out to know all about effective driving tests and tips!

Best ways to watch live TV Channels on Android with Mobdro

There are so many live tv streaming apps these days promising users quality content and a great experience. Most of these apps are .apk files developed for the Android mobile devices. Mobdro is an android .apk movie app for mobile devices.You can stream and watch different types of movies and tv shows for free. The app can be downloaded via a .apk link since it isn’t available on the Google play store.


The app offers HD premium content of the latest movies and shows. Mobdro is quite popular among a lot of movie app lovers who rate is being stable when compared to a lot of others.The app is completely legal and contents on its platform are legal as well. Watching and streaming on the Mobdro app is convenient and easy. The interface is also user-friendly and feels good to work with. Mobdro is not only available for Android devices, but developers have come up with different versions that are downloadable on a lot of other platforms.

Features of Mobdro App


The Mobdro movie app has a lot of amazing features that offers users the best movie experience. Here are some unique features of the app.

  • Available on various Platforms: Even though Mobdro is an Android app designed mainly for android mobile devices, it can be downloaded on various other operating systems such as Windows, iOS etc. For PC installation you will have to install an android emulator like bluestacks prior to downloading the app. It should be noted that the app is however not available for Windows XP but can be downloaded on other windows platforms as well as Mac PC.
  • It is Free: Mobdro download and installation is totally free. Streaming content like movies, sitcoms and TV series on the app is also free. You can search for your shows and movie using titles and watch them at no cost all. You can also download them if you want to watch them later.
  • HD movies: The Mobdro app supports HD movie viewing, giving viewers high-resolution movie content that will make them enjoy every second they spend on the app. Users can choose between 1080p full HD, 720p HD and 480p standard quality depending on their preferences and how much data they are willing to exhaust while streaming.
  • Lots of Movies and Shows: The Mobdro app contains a wide compilation of movies and TV shows, making it almost impossible not to find what you’re looking for. The genres cut across comedy, romance, horror, adventure and many more. Movies can also be downloaded for later viewing.
  • GUI is user-friendly: The interface of the Mobdro app is easy to work with. It is also attractive and appealing to users.
  • Personal Library: Users can bookmark their favorite movies and store them in a personal library for future viewing. You can also categorize your preferences according to how you like to view them.
  • Filter Options: You can filter the kind of content you’re looking for to optimize the way your search works and help you find your movie or series faster. You can filter results using genre, quality etc to select precise movies and TV shows that you want.
  • New Episodes Notification: You will be able to know when a new episode is available for your favorite TV show without having to search for it. The app notifies of every new episode as soon as they drop. This way you can keep up with all your favorite tv series without missing an episode.


Download Mobdro App for various Devices


As mentioned earlier, the Mobdro app is available to be downloaded on a lot of platforms and devices. There’s a Mobdro app for everyone: whether you’re an android, iOS, or Windows user. The APK file is widely available since the app isn’t available on playstore. Most PCs would require that you download an android emulator to allow the app run seamlessly on your PC.

Download Mobdro for Android:


To download the Mobdro app on your android device you would have to take some necessary basic steps. First, to allow your device download apps from other sources other than your app store, go to “settings” and toggle on “download from unknown sources” then follow the procedures below;

  • Locate the link for the app on the web, Click here.
  • Click and download and Install the app after the download is completed.
  • Launch the app and start watching various movies and tv shows available.

Download Mobdro for iOS devices:


Follow the steps below to download the app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. The version available for iOS is called Terrarium TV. Getting the app on your iOS device can be done through two methods.


  • Method 1

Get the Vshare app on your device by sourcing for the jailbroken version on the web.

Install and launch the app, click on “trust” to allow the app run.

Search for “terrariumtv” on the app. Click on it to download link and install.



  • Method 2

Reset the time on your phone to 1 December 2014 and Search for Mobdro on your browser.

Go to Mobdro for iOS and click on the download and install button

After installation is completed, launch the app and explore its entertaining content.


Download Mobdro for PC:


To download Mobdro app on your mac or windows PC, first download bluestacks or any android emulator of your choice. Follow the steps below;

  • Install and launch bluestacks
  • Search for the Mobdro app on the bluestacks app and download and install
  • You can now launch the app and begin to stream your favorite movies


  1. Download Mobdro for Smart TV: The Mobdro app is available for Samsung, LG, Sony, and various other smart TVs Follow the steps below to install Mobdro on your smart TV.
  • On your smart TV, locate “settings “ and turn on ”unknown sources”
  • Follow the Mobdro link to get the APK available on your smart TV
  • Visit the menu of your smart tv when the download has been completed and locate the Mobdro app.
  • Click on “install “and wait while it installs for about 2minutes.


Download Mobdro for Kodi

Installing Mobdro add-on on Kodi is not so easy. However, follow the following steps to get the app on your Kodi device;

  • Follow the online URL to download and install the Kodi app
  • Launch Kodi
  • In the Menu, choose “System”
  • Enter File manager and then go to add source
  • Put in your URL
  • Go to home screen and select system, then select Add-ons
  • Choose to install the zip file and locate the source

Mobdro for Firestick


Mobdro can also be installed on Firestick by following the step by step processes below;

  • Open Amazon Firestick and go to “settings “
  • Select the devices for configuring Firestick
  • Click on “developer options “
  • Do not forget to turn on install apps from “unknown sources “
  • Click OK when the warning instructions appear on the screen
  • On the main menu search, search for “ES File Explorer”
  • From ES explorer locate favorite and click on the “add button “
  • Enter the Mobdro download path and tap download
  • Click on the install button
  • Launch the app and begin to search for all your favorite movies and tv shows




Is Mobdro app Legal?

The app is completely legal and from a very trusted source, providing only legal content to users


Can I connect Mobdro to the Internet?


You can use either wired or wireless connection to connect the app to the internet. The wireless connection is usually easier for users as Mobdro has coded for the wireless network.


If A movie fails to load on Mobdro app what do I do?


Try to connect your app to the internet and update the Mobdro app. Ensure to restart your device after this process.


What does it cost to get the App?


The app is free to download. No subscription needed. All you need do is locate a link on a legal website and click on the download and install button to get the app on your Android device.


How frequently do I need to Update the App?


Updates are available for the Mobdro app regularly. It is best to always update the app whenever there is a new update to enable you to continue to use the app without hitches.


How do I make my movies play on full screen?


Go to “quality control” on your app. Uncheck the “internal player” box which is enabled by default. This will correct the full-screen bug and fix so many other issues.


What does Low, Medium and High Definition Mean?


This has been updated to (1080p, 720p and 480p) . 1080p is full GD and makes movies look their beat due to its very high resolution. 720p is Half HD and is best used if you are trying to conserve data. 480p is of standard quality which is still ok and a great option if you’re trying to save a significant amount of data.


Useful source for students to get free academic research paper

The academic research paper often requires a comprehensive understanding of the chosen topic and needs to be completed with after a lot of research work. If you are a student who is willing to get access to various academic research papers online, then there are several free open sources that would provide you access to various published research work and academic papers. While completing the research paper, you need to make sure that you opt for credible sources that will aid you in the research work. Along with that, you should be able to choose a relevant topic and a compelling outline that will give you an edge while completing your academic paper.

Working on the research paper is one of the primary things that you would be required to focus on while you are studying at the college or university. It holds a crucial percentage during the final evaluation of your exams and needs to be completed with proper focus and thorough research. However, with the help of the Internet, the task has become quite easy these days as you can have access to a large number of published academic papers and journals and use them as a reference for your research paper apart from the books that you would find in the library.  The purpose of writing an academic paper is to bring out a reliable solution and comprehensive study for a particular problem.

Here are some of the useful sources that would help you get access to the academic research papers. Read further to know more:

  1. Google Scholar

With the help of this tool, you can make accurate researches for the desired academic paper. You would find thousands of journals and research papers pertaining to your chosen topic and have free access to them.  Right from theses, dissertation, reports, books, conference papers, and academic journals, you would find each and everything under one roof.

  1. RefSeek

RefSeek is a web search engine primarily meant to provide the users with free access to books, academic papers, and journals for the completion of their project. The site provides a comprehensive coverage related to the topic which is to be searched. In addition to that, you would also get access to several compelling ideas that would help you to search better.

  1. ResearchGate

ResearchGate can be regarded as a social networking site which involves the participation of scientist and researchers and provides them access to various publications and academic papers. Students can also interact with the fellow researchers and discuss problem-solving techniques.  This site is considered to be one of the best to perform the research.

  1. ERIC

Education Resource Information Centre (ERIC) is basically an online digital library which provides access to thousands of books and academic papers which have already been published and are available for public use. You can easily get access to a lot of different academic papers including the dissertation, technical reports, books, research syntheses, policy papers, etc.

  1. Wolfram Alpha

It is a computational knowledge engine which provides search results from which you can choose the most relevant one according to your research paper topic. Although you won’t get direct access to research papers over here, you would probably get the best search results that would help to have access to a large number of free academic research papers.

  1. Google Books

Google books is a repository of thousands of books related to various academic fields. Moreover, with this, you can also have access to online views and page reviews of different books and academic papers and choose the one that would be the best for you.

  1. Microsoft academic

This is a comprehensive search tool which has been developed by the Microsoft team and provides access to millions of publications, research papers, conference papers, journals across an extensive range of academic fields. Not only this, you can choose a particular field and get access to several sub-topics as well according to your preference.

On the flip side, you should avoid opting for sources such as Wikipedia, The Dictionary, and, as here you would only get a brief understanding of a chosen topic instead of a comprehensive one.

The Top 4 Influencers of Social Media in 2018

The main surge of influence originates from the vast world of social media which is governed by scelebrities  These range from people who excel in mediums of comedy, beauty and fashion, entrepreneurship, technology, and travel. People who have created a charismatic online persona, garnering a dedicated following for themselves and their brand. The internet has enabled these people to create an entire enterprise that allows them to reach and impact people globally.

Their influence is so far reaching, it can dictate market trends, introduce phrases into a language, and change social norms. The power of social media is higher now than ever before — that, too, with good cause. People who may have needed to crawl their way to a platform to reach people before are now able to socialise and engage with a global audience through the world that exists within their devices. Social media has empowered individuals, helping them spread their ideas through the fast-moving channels of social media. Ideas and thoughts move faster than ever before.

With the growing pace of the internet also grew people’s access to it. When people of all ages and interest have access to the internet all over the world, there is a surge of globalisation which allows for the influence of ideas to be felt and be impactful. Being part of the social media circle allows you to be influential, let us take a look at the five most influential people on social media in the year 2018.

1. Muhammad Saad Arslan Sadiq

Hailing from the land of Pakistan, Muhammad Saad Arslan Sadiq is a leading IT visionary, propelling the country into an age where it can keep up with the technological advancements of the world around them. He was a pioneer in finding a progressive IT firm in Pakistan by the name of Global Hosting Services, making him a successful entrepreneur. His company offers domains in the US, Canada, Europe, UK, Turkey, Hong Kong, Pakistan, and India. The services his company provides are versatile and wide ranging. His company is currently the top seller of the .pk domain, giving them the monopoly and prestige of the market.

However, what makes Muhammad Saad Arslan Sadiq influential is the following he has generated as a blogger and social media activist. His followings range across platforms. He serves as the head of the largest IT group for Pakistan with over a hundred thousand members, as well as the largest group of bloggers, known as the Bloggers of Pakistan, with a membership of over forty-eight thousand.

He also serves as the social media head for State Youth Parliament of Pakistan and as the Social Media Advisor for Positive Pakistan and Youth Association of Pakistan. He is the vice president of the Pakistan Youth Assembly and a member of the National Youth Assembly. He was also a pioneer founder of the Kashmir Youth Alliance which serves as a coalition of around a hundred organizations. That is not all. His influence extends over the entire worldwide web due to his overwhelming number of followers. He has amassed a following of 1 million on Twitter, and a base of 1.1 million followers on Facebook, earning himself a blue badge of verification on Facebook.

His Twitter account has been declared the 35th most followed account, with his following featuring notable celebrities and politicians. He is also mentioned regularly by print and online media, leading to an increase in the influence he holds.

In an interview with Huff Post, he talks about his influence on social media, saying, “Social media is host to many opportunities, did you know? Leveraging on it to engage with and drive the audience to your end is a 21st-century necessity. From inception, I didn’t take social media with levity. My concern is to engage people and fight the voiceless and the oppressed. While doing, I did not know I will go this far. I speak my mind and enlighten people continuously. In a short time, doing what I know best, I begin to win accolades. My Twitter profile rose to around 800k + followers, and Facebook became so engaging in a short time with thousands of followers trooping in, and international verified followers begin to follow me. I cannot believe when I was rated the 45th most followed Pakistani Account. News platforms, like Tribune among other channels, begin to mention my tweets. Then, I became a Social media influencer.”

  1. Lilly Singh

Hailing from close by within South Asia, Lilly Singh belongs to an Indian heritage that bloomed in Toronto, Canada. She started out her career as a YouTuber in her final year of her degree in psychology, quickly gaining fame and a following due to her quirky videos that feature drama, comedy, dance, and music. With 13.2 million subscribers on YouTube, Lilly Singh has influenced many youngsters to believe in anthems of empowerment that Lilly Singh promotes including #GirlLove. She encourages confidence and being true to yourself. To this end, she also published a modern self-help guide by the name of How to Be a Bawse: A Guide to Conquering Life, which found its spot on the best-selling list. She has been ranked by Forbes as one of the most influential people on social media, even though her starting was humble with 70 views, as Singh recounts, “That meant one or two people who didn’t know me. I watched other creators. I started writing scripts. I was really just making it up as I went along.”

Singh has reached mainstream media portals through collaborations with celebrities on top of the list such as Nick Jonas, Dwayne Johnson, and Karlie Kloss. She has used her content to raise awareness and bring laughter all around.

  1. Huda Kattan

Huda Kattan rose to fame due to her role in creating a fortunate set of fake eyelashes that helped propel her into her future of success. Soon after, her fake eyelashes were sported by none other than Kim Kardashian, bringing Huda to the front line of beauty blogging. Quickly, she became the number one beauty blog in the middle east and found herself a spot in the world’s top twenty beauty blogs. Huda became a well-known name in the world of beauty as a blog and a brand, with sales soaring for her cosmetics, and followers multiplying for her social media channels. Currently her massive following is accounted at 2.2 million YouTube subscribers and 24.3 million Instagram followers.


  1. Linus Sebastian

Linus Sebastian has created an avid following for himself in the world to technology and business. He has amassed followers for his YouTube channels that post reviews on the newest and top-of-the-line technological products, as well as posting guides to manoeuvring around computer hardware and how to build your own CPUs. His journey started when his employer at the computer store noticed a competitor making video reviews of products, and set Linus up to do the same. Ever since that fortunate incident, he has been making guides and posting them on his three technology-oriented channels by the names of Linus Tech Tips, Techquickie and Channel Super Fun. In doing so, he was able to create a fanbase of over seven million. He was ranked as the 8th most watched Science and Technology channel on YouTube, becoming 4th in the list of power players in technology, as declared by Inc. magazine in 2015.