Does Your Company Need a Chief Revenue Officer?

Following trends from the Silicon Valley, the job profile of Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) is gaining impetus in the recent times. As the role of CROs keeps growing in popularity, many companies –both startups & seasoned players are prioritizing hiring Chief Revenue Officers for carrying out a myriad of vital tasks & operations in the business environments. To have someone with the job of solely prioritizing & focusing on the company’s revenue seems to be an ideal role to the skills & experience of several CEOs in the SaaS-based industry with products & engineering background. In this article, we will explain you whether or not you need a Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) for your company.

What is a Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)?

A Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) is an individual who is concerned with the responsibility of taking charge of the overall revenue streams of your company. The chief revenue officers have the final accountability for accelerating the company’s revenue growth. This is brought about by leveraging & aligning different revenue-generating sectors in the company including Sales & Marketing, Customer Relations, Production, and various others. These officers perform the job of overseeing the respective growth departments in your organization along with the CMO & CXO officers –all reporting directly to the CRO.

In the early days of any startup organization, the CEO would be responsible for bringing about effective revenue generation. However, as the startup starts growing, it would become difficult for the CEO of the company to manage revenue generation along with other vital strategical challenges that might be essential for growth including raising fund, product development, recruitment, and others.

Why Does Your Company Need a CRO?

The role of the CRO (Chief Revenue Officer) is vital for your organization. A CRO is responsible for aligning all the respective revenue-generating departments in your organization. The alignment that is brought across different departments including Sales, Marketing, Customer Relations, and others is vital for bringing about sustainable growth. Without the presence of the same, communication between different departments breaks down & information could be interchanged. This would lead to the generation of several poor-quality leads that might not be fit for other departments.

The Chief Revenue Officer is given the job of aligning revenue generation along with establishing proper communication amongst different departments including Sales, Marketing, and Customer Relations such that all of these are working together towards maximizing revenue. This helps in the creation of joined-up communication & a consistent experience for the incoming prospects & existing customers through the journey of the buyers. This, in turn, creates an environment that is conducive to sustainable revenue growth.

When Should Your Company Hire the CRO?

As your company starts growing till it reaches a point where it turns out to be beneficial towards hiring a CRO in order to improve the overall growth & alignment, then you can consider hiring a professional CRO for your company. There could be two major indicators that suggest that you have reached the point at which your company should hire the highly qualified CRO:

  • Your Company is Experiencing Misalignment: Are your company’s growth departments experiencing any kind of misalignment or imbalance in proper functioning? For instance, your Marketing department might be claiming that the Sales department is not closing enough deals with the respective leads handled by them. On the other hand, the Sales department might claim that the Marketing department is not generating good leads for ample conversion. Similarly, the Customer Relation department might claim that they are not able to retain customers because the Sales department is not closing deals at any costs.


The poor quality of the incoming leads, inability to close deals, and not being able to retain customers –all of these might hit your revenue hard. These factors can be improved by aligning the respective growth departments of your company and improving the level of communication between them. As such, this calls for hiring a skilled & well-experienced CRO in your organization.


  • Company’s Growth Decisions are Made in Isolation: Is your Marketing department running campaigns that the Sales department might not be aware of? Or is your Sales department creating collateral on its own & not using the materials from the Marketing department? If these scenarios exist in your organization, then this could be equated to lost customers & missed sales opportunities because of fragmented communication between the major growth departments of your company. In the end, all of these factors could negatively impact the overall revenue of your company.


When you hire a CRO in your company, it will facilitate alignment & will help in improving collaborative decision-making between the different growth departments in your organization.

Acknowledge the importance of a CRO in your company and hire a highly skilled CRO to enhance the overall revenue generation process!

Top Tips to Manage Your Weight Effectively

Have you just lost a significant amount of body weight? Do not wish to regain any extra pound? After losing weight after following a proper weight-loss regime, it might appear highly inevitable to not regain it. However, it does not have to be so always. A recent study has observed that long-term weight maintenance is possible only when you follow a few simple steps.

If you are looking forward to gaining no more weight and managing your weight effectively, here are a few simple points to remember:

  • Monitor Your Weight Regularly: An important hallmark of effective weight maintenance is monitoring your calories & daily weight on a regular basis. For achieving the same, you can make use of an advanced body fat analyzer that can help you calculate your body weight & analyze other important aspects of the body like total calorie count, and others. There are several types of body fat scales that you can find both online as well as offline. While buying any body fat scale, look out for the latest updates & technical features to enhance your weight monitoring process.


  • Fight Your Hunger with Healthy Options: You must have lost your body fat with much efforts & dedication. Definitely, you would not want to end up all those efforts in vain by getting back on track over your junk food eating habits. When you are hungry, try eating more fulfilling options instead of fast food options. You can achieve the feeling of fullness by eating fiber-rich foods including whole grains, leafy veggies & fruits, lean proteins, and others as per your choice.


  • Avoid Temptation As Much As Possible: When you wish to control your weight, avoiding temptations is a major aspect. Though you might be tempted to consume a wide range of delectable items on your platter, you must be wise enough to avoid them and stick to your healthy routine. Once you give into temptation, it can be increasingly challenging to get back to your healthy routine.


  • Plan Your Meals in Advance: When you are on a weight maintenance diet, it is going to pretty much contain the same diet elements to that of the weight loss regime. When you have a meal-by-meal plan set out for your daily activities, you are able to stick to it more religiously. This technique can help you in planning your meal & keeping a track of what you are taking in a progressive manner.


  • Add Minutes to Your Current Exercise Plan: If you are following a particular exercise plan, it is important to extend it through small minutes in order to maintain your weight loss regime effectively. Experts recommend that you must exercise at least 30 minutes –five days a week. However, the more exercise you are able to do, the better will be your weight loss results. Though, it is also suggested to not overdo your exercising or working out as it might leave you exhausted.


  • Measure Your Daily Portions: As per a recent study, it has been observed that the biggest factors in achieving success in maintaining your weight effectively were measuring the intake of fats & proteins –the most caloric foods, in general. However, this would not imply carrying a food scale everywhere you go. But, you can consider keeping a check on your daily intake by analyzing the amount of caloric content the food item has.


  • Try Weighing Yourself Daily: The recent report also suggested that people who had the habit of checking their body weight at least once or twice a day were more successful in keeping off the lost weight in comparison to those who did not use the scales too often. Though daily weight check-ins could be discouraging when you are on a weight-loss regime, it can still serve to be a blessing when you do so during your weight management cycle.


  • Eat Breakfast Daily: The breakfast is supposed to be the healthiest diet of the entire day. Therefore, even when you are monitoring your weight loss, you must never skip your breakfast. Try eating healthy options.


Manage your weight in an effective manner using these healthy tips!


What is Total Dissolved Salts

The drinking water which is supplied at homes comes affected by harmful chemicals as it is treated at plants first and then transferred for further processing. During this phase, all the essential minerals that are present in the water get washed away and it acquires a lot of impurities which might cause health hazards if consumed directly. To cope with this, you need to use a proper filtration process that would help in removing impurities from water and make it safe for consumption.  One of the main contaminants present in water is TDS or total dissolved solids which still remain in water even after a normal filtration process and are often larger than 2 microns in size. Excessive TDS levels in water change the taste of water over the course of time and cause health issues if consumed regularly without knowing.

It has been observed that the water that is supplied in your home often exceeds the maximum possible level of the TDS which is present in water and is not suitable for consumption and can cause issues related to health. If the level of sodium, potassium, and chlorides are higher in water, then there might be a sudden increase in the TDS levels. While on the other hand, the presence of toxic ions such as nitrate, lead, arsenic, and cadmium can add to the contamination.  Families that have small kids should take care of what they are giving their children to drink as they are more sensitive towards the water contaminants. The best measure that you can take with regards to water purification is to get a purifier installed in your home that would keep the TDS under control and prevent impurities.

It is necessary to get the TDS levels in water checked as a high amount of the same can cause the water to become salty and bitter in taste. At times, this can also prove to be hazardous in nature and cause serious health issues. Another reason is that it makes the water hard which can contaminate the water pipes and harm the kitchen utensils if used regularly. In order to check the TDS levels, one can take help of the TDS meter and get the water tested for determining the impurity levels.

There are three ways of removing TDS from the water that is supplied in your home which is as follows:

Reverse Osmosis (R.O.)

This particular process helps in removing the TDS by putting pressure on the water through a synthetic membrane which consists of microscopic pores that allow molecules smaller than 0.0001 micros to get through it. Since the dissolved metal and salt molecules are quite large in comparison to the water molecules, the water would automatically squeeze through the membrane and push off metals and salts behind.


In this process, water is boiled to produce water vapor which then rises to a cool surface and condenses back into the liquid form. During this process, the dissolved salts do not vapourize and remain the boiling solution.


This particular method of TDS removed involves passing the water through positive and negative electrode. The membrane which is ion selective separate the positive ions from the water which then move towards the negative electrode. As a result, the water gets de-ionized and becomes pure.

When it comes to choosing the water purifiers, these are mainly of two types from which you can choose the one that would suit the water supply in your home.

The RO purifiers well perfectly for homes which get water supplied from borewells which often have high TDS levels.

If the water supply in your home comes from municipality works, then the UV water purifiers are certainly a better choice.

There are a plethora of popular water purifier brands which supply these two types of purifiers which are suitable for modern homes and available at feasible prices. If you have been facing issues related to TDS, then it time that you get the water sample checked and get a purifier installed in your home to avoid any health hazards in your family.

Hope you are now aware of the TDS and how it affects the quality of water. Make sure you get the water type checked so as to avoid casualties in the future.


How to Boost Your CPA Exam Scores?

Have you yet taken any section of the CPA Exam? If not so, you can start preparing for your CPA Exam in a comprehensive manner to get the desired results. On the basis of how you must have felt during leaving the Prometric or when you must have received the CPA score, do not let history repeat itself. Though you might not have been successful at the first attempt, you can definitely look out for effective ways to boost your CPA Exam scores in a progressive manner.

When you are aware of the right tips to excel in the CPA exam scores followed by some expert guidance, you can enhance your desire to prepare well for the given exam & score excellently in the same. There are several factors that could affect your score in the CPA Exam. At the same time, you can take proper steps towards addressing these factors to work in your favor.

The CPA pass score is 75. For securing 75, you are required to reflect a specific set of skills & knowledge with the given topics tested. Additionally, you will also be required to be comfortable in the exam such that nothing is able to distract you from answering the upcoming questions confidently.

Tips to Secure Higher CPA Exam Scores

Here are some useful tips to boost your CPA Exam score as high as 75 & above for your success:

  • Understand the Exam Pattern: Though you might not have attained the desired marks during your first attempt of the CPA Exam, you can definitely take lessons from the same. Before trying out the next time, it is important for you to understand & analyze the exam pattern properly. When you are aware of the inside-out of the CPA Exam and which areas you should focus, nothing can stop you from gaining the desired scores.


  • Focus on Your Weaknesses: Previously, if your CPA score was below 75, there are certain areas of the exam content that you need to focus on. If you wish to score better marks, well above 75, then you need to strengthen your weak points. If you are not able to determine your weak areas, start by reviewing the blueprints of the CPA Exam & highlighting particular sections that might appear difficult to you. If you are required to give the exam again, be sure that you have strengthened your weaknesses.


For getting a better grasp over the weak sections, you can try solving some of the CPA test questions. Find the best study materials & CPA review courses at and prepare yourself in the best possible manner. An adaptive set of CPA review course offered by can help you target the weak areas & overcome them productively.


  • Take a Practice Exam: One of the major reasons for candidates failing in the CPA Exam is the lack of familiarity with the given exam pattern & environment. This can negatively affect your CPA Exam scores by reducing your overall focus during the exam. You need to understand that the CPA Exam is highly unique & consists of several questions & tools that you are unlikely to find in any other exam. You can observe these exam patterns & tools once you sit for the practice exam. By doing so, you can get an idea of the main CPA Exam paper & how you should master different sections of the same.


  • Extend Your Study Time: One of the main reasons for scoring low or average in your CPA Exam could be lack of proper dedication from your end. Increasing the CPA Exam scores is synonymous with pumping your preparations. This can be done by extending your study time or devising a strategic study plan for yourself. Candidates are usually required to study for around 100-150 hours on an average basis for each section of the CPA Exam. You must remember that in order to succeed in the coming CPA Exam, you must put in all possible efforts to deliver the best result.


Make the most of these tips to enhance your CPA Exam score effectively!