Strategies for Working Professionals to Clear the CPA exam

Working professionals who are planning to give the CPA exam, it is time that you hold your reigns and become dedicated towards your studies as it won’t be an easy task to balance studies along with office work. A disciplined schedule would take you far off during the preparation, and you would be able to track your progress on a regular basis more effectively. You can also seek help of supplemental CPA study materials from trusted sources that would help you prepare the syllabus well.

Furthermore, here are the some of the strategies that would keep you motivated and perform better in the CPA examination:

  1. Start out early as you need to manage office work

Preparing for the CPA exam at the very last moment would prove to be highly cumbersome as then you would need to give more time to studies in order to finish the syllabus and manage the office work at the same time. In such a circumstance you might not be able to balance both of these things well and would eventually feel exhausted. It is better that you start as early as possible and dedicate sufficient hours daily for the CPA exam preparation.  Consistency and discipline are two things that you need to keep in mind if you wish to manage these two things successfully.

  1. Prepare and learn from flashcards

Flashcards are a great way to memorise important topics and would be helpful to you for quick revisions. It would be better if you make flashcards on a daily basis so that you can go through what you learnt a day before and can improvise on it. If you are consistent in revising from the flashcards, you would be able to remember your entire syllabus till the last day of the examination and would not lose on the crucial topics that can earn you significant marks. If you travel often due to work, you can take help of online tools for the preparing flash cards as then you would be able revise your lessons from wherever you are.

  1. Avoid distractions

It is evident that you might need to receive calls more than often as you are a working professional. However, make it a point that you do not use the gadgets when you sit down to study as that would take away your productive time. You would be spending more of your day in the office and it is impossible to start studying as soon as you are back from work. In that case, giving less but productive hours to your studies would work wonders for you.

  1. Join a good test series

Test series are a great way to analyse your understanding of the subjects and rectify your mistakes right before the examination. It is advisable that you join online test series of some trusted institution so that you get confident about your preparation. These test series provide a mock test environment where you need to answer the questions within a set time frame just like you would be doing during the main exam. Mark out your mistakes and work on them so that you can save yourself from losing some valuable marks.

  1. Utilise the day-offs to their best

Most of the offices have an off during weekends and on public holidays, and if you happen to enjoy this mercy, it would be better than you dedicate more hours to studies on such days and revise what you have done throughout the weekend. It is alright to become anti-social during your preparation time and give preference to achieving your goals rather than partying on weekends. However, it is alright to have a day off if you feel too tired so that you can start afresh from the next day but avoid taking long breaks as that would affect on your learning process.

  1. Take help from video lectures

The CPA exam is not a cakewalk and requires dedicated efforts in order to score high and pass with flying colors. You should leave no stone unturned to work on the weak areas and mistakes that you encounter during the preparation time. If you are unable to understand a specific topic in auditing, you can take help of the video lectures that are available online and understand the topic better. Pick two to three lectures daily from a trusted source and jot down the essential things that you learnt from them in the form of notes. Revise these daily and keep adding new information so that you understand the topic thoroughly.

Consistency is the key to perform better, and if you follow these tips during your preparation, you are inevitably going to succeed in your CPA exam in the very first attempt itself. All the best!

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