Advantages of Hosted Email

Even in the modern era, emails continue to remain the king of effective communication that helps in establishing a reliable connection between organizations, employees, and the respective resources. Email is a critical component of your business and its entire IT infrastructure. Without it, the overall operations of your organization could come to a halt. As a valuable means of communication in any organization, emails also help your team in staying productive and being updated about the latest innovations. Due to its immense importance in your organizational structure, you would want your email to have minimal downtime. However, it can be a difficult task to manage & maintain the email server on your own.

One of the best ways to managing your email server is to have your email hosted off-site by some managed, professional email hosting service provider like DuoCircle. When you do so, it can help you in saving a lot of time and will free your business from the painful task of maintaining your technology solutions.

What is Hosted Email?

Email hosting is a specialized service that helps businesses immensely in saving money and keeping track of operations effectively without carrying out comprehensive management on their part. In its essence, the email server of your organization gets hosted off-site in some secure data center and gets managed & maintained by the professional team of the email hosting service providers like DuoCircle. The best thing about hosted email solutions is that it gets customized as per the unique needs of the business enterprises. This implies that you are required to spend less time and focus on other important aspects of your business productively.

With hosted email, all you need is just a stable Internet connection and proper device to access the email account of your business through the hosted platform. You can get access to the email account by simply logging in through the secure hosting site. This would tend to dramatically reduce the overall cost overhead and offer improved flexibility as the hosted email solution will be growing along with your business.

Benefits of Hosted Emails

For several reasons, email hosting has become a vital part of the enterprise-level communication infrastructure. However, what is exactly encouraging the business enterprises out there to switch to the hosted email solutions? Here are some of the potential points of benefits that your business could obtain from hosted emails:

  • Creating a Brand Image: There are only a few free email service providers out there that seem to have covered all the vital basics. Though these might appear sufficient on the front, the large-scale business enterprises might require something more robust & promising. When you make use of a hosted email service, it can help in conveying a higher level of professionalism of your business and can build reputable brand trust amongst the target audience.


Hosted emails allow the users to leverage business-centric specialized IDs & effective branding. This helps in the company’s name to be prominently featured amongst its end users. Hosted email services go beyond the concept of a mere signature and can offer the assurance to the customers that they are associating with a well-reputed brand.


  • Improving Customer Experience: Hosted email exchange offers you the opportunity to develop top-class customer service by allowing you to reach out, collaborate, and share relevant data wherever you might be & whenever you wish to. With this service, you are no longer tied to your desk. Hosted email allows you to work remotely from anywhere whenever you have a stable Internet connection.


When you switch to the services offered by hosted emails, there are no limits to where & when you work. This implies that irrespective of the fact where you & your organization’s employees are, you are able to retain high-end productivity & ensure business continuity at its best. As a result, this enhances the overall customer experience.


  • Enhanced Security: When you avail the best-in-class hosted email services, all your emails, contacts, and calendars get stored & delivered through the best available Tier 3+ ISO 27001-accredited data centers that ensure enhanced network security by the presence of multiple firewall protection mechanisms. This offers unmatched protection, privacy, and availability of the data as you require it. All hosted mailbox connections are able to transmit the required data with the help of the highly secure 2048-bit SSL encryption technique for ensuring maximum security.

Hosted emails also ensure the provision of backed-up data cloud-based security & segmentation to make sure that your data & confidential information is safe & secure. Data gets backed up on a daily basis through specialized mirrored data centers through the 30-day retention period.


  • Highly Cost-Effective: One of the biggest turnoffs of the on-site email solutions is the overall cost or expenses incurred in managing & maintaining the same. Investments made in setting up server hardware & storage space within the business premises could turn out to be highly challenging and expensive. As such, hosted email services tend to take care of it all as there is no need for on-site installation of hardware units. This is because in case of hosted emails, mailboxes run on the cloud as full management & maintenance is offered by the hosted email service provider.


With the help of hosted emails, you can save substantially on your expenses of setting up an on-site email mailbox. By selecting a reliable, professional hosted email service provider like DuoCircle, you are not only removing the burden of managing or maintaining an email server from the separate in-house IT department, but also freeing up ample time & efforts that could be otherwise utilized somewhere else.


  • Department Segmentation: Even when you are not a large-scale company, possessing the compartmentalized email addresses for segmenting important operations like billing, customer support, and shipping, will not only help you in appearing more professional, but will also assist you in organizing the incoming emails to your business. While there are infinite options for email hosting, there is one such aspect that rises above its overall functionality, security, availability, and features. In addition to top-notch reliability & safety assurances, email hosting services also offer additional benefits over simple hosting options.


  • Database Prevention: As per the records, a massive 59 percent of employees tend to steal vital company data before getting fired or leaving the company. As data compliance & protection is becoming highly essential, archiving emails in the searchable database of the leading hosting service providers can help organizations in being informed of what exactly the employees are sending & receiving. The high-end Exchange environments of the leading hosted email service providers also provide proactive rules-based solutions & tools that are responsible for sending alerts to the designated staffs in case someone from the organization tries to send sensitive company data.


  • Mobile Device Synchronization: Most of the hosted email service providers allow the users to synchronize the data with important mobile devices. As such, the users are able to access connections, calendars, email folders, and other relevant data with the smartphone or mobile device that they make use of for never missing any important message or task on the go. Moreover, as it is becoming more crucial for the organizations to follow the norm of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) work environment, it is essential to keep the employees trained about methods of device encryption & security awareness.


As business email is an integral part of any organization, it is of paramount importance for the business organizations to be aware of the possible benefits of hosted emails & its services. Avail hosted email services from a reliable, professional service provider like DuoCircle and experience the true benefits of managing & maintain your business operations seamlessly, on the go!


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