Guide to Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing

Given that the affiliate marketing industry is constantly changing, it will be important to know what are some of the traffic sources available. In order to build efficient campaigns or expand existing ones, each affiliate must have an in-depth understanding of each traffic source. But before we get to that, let’s see four of the most important sources that you must know.


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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Usually a long-term solution for traffic generation, SEO helps affiliates gain organic traffic from Google. Your website can rank higher among search results depending on the content, backlinks, keywords, traffic, and other factors that are part of the Google algorithm. We must emphasize that one of the most important parts has to do with the content you add on page, so focus on that if you are at the beginning. This is one of the most reliable free traffic sources, but it could take a few months until you start to see consistent results.

Social Media Marketing

Combining free-traffic solutions with paid ones is one of the best combinations. In addition to SEO, using social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook. Instagram, YouTube, and others will help you engage with a lot of people, that can convert into leads. Being active on multiple platforms is easier now that we have automated software allowing you to schedule the posts. Same like SEO, building an audience on social media will depend on what you have to offer, so the content or eventual bonuses will play an important role.

Contextual Advertising

This type of advertising refers to advertisement blocks that are integrated into content, in the appropriate context. The most common networks where contextual advertising is run are Google or Microsoft pubCenter. Whether is for Clickbank affiliates, forex affiliate programs, or another affiliate niche, using this method will display advertisements in a small text or banner format on various pages. Generally speaking, these pages belong to partner sites that run Google Adsense for monetization.

Email Advertising

Most of the affiliate marketers don’t know that email marketing is one of the most underutilized traffic sources, yet one that could be very efficient. Did you know that are there many email newsletter publishers selling advertising space in their newsletters? Or that you build your own email list? If the first solution seems more appealing to you, there are plenty of reliable sources of publishers wanting to work with affiliate marketers. Directory of Ezines is one of them, but you can also do your own research to see whether some companies are interested to work with you.

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