Twitter has announced it is to Clear Out inactive Accounts

Recently, Twitter announced that will be clearing out inactive accounts to free up dormant usernames and decrease the risks of hacking. Twitter will be sending out emails to the owners of these inactive accounts warning them to sign in before December 11th or risk losing their accounts. Twitter stated that inactive accounts constitute of accounts that haven’t been signed in for more than six months.

Twitter Statement

A spokesperson stated that Twitter is working to clear out inactive accounts to offer credible information to twitter users. He stated that this exercise is to encourage users to log in and actively use Twitter when they register on the platform.  However, Twitter hasn’t made any statement on when reclaimed user names will be available for use. But the Twitter spokesperson stated that the removal process will occur for over several months and not just one single day.

Active Bots Are Safe

As long as your Twitter bot or secondary account is active, you are safe from this cleanup. Any inactive Twitter account gotten from platforms like Accs Market are at risk of being removed. This isn’t the first time a social platform has performed a cleaning process. In 2013, Yahoo performed a recycling process that allowed people to take advantage of inactive usernames.

You Can No Longer Register a Username with Less Than Five Characters

Alongside this inactive account clearing announcement, Twitter no longer allows users who have gotten their accounts from platforms like accsmarket  to register a username with less than five characters. This means that even when your dream username is off for grabs, you might not be able to register it because of this clause.

The Email

The email sent out to inactive Twitter accounts included a message stating that for the inactive users to continue using their accounts, they need to agree to the new privacy policy and terms. The email also let them know that they need to log into their accounts on or before December 11th, 2019 and follow the prompts to enable them to continue using their accounts.

Memorializing the Dead

The Twitter announcement made didn’t get the desired effects as a lot of twitter users were concerned about the accounts of their deceased loved ones. Twitter has since heard the pleas of its users and has halted on its clear out plans until it finds a way to memorialize the accounts of the deceased. The Twitter official account posted that not acknowledging that there are accounts belonging to deceased loved ones is a miss on their part.

Twitter users need not worry about their accounts from sites like, all we have to do now is wait and see what Twitter will come up with. Facebook has a feature that allows friends and family of the deceased to report them as deceased so maybe Twitter will offer something similar.

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