10 Must have Items for every Dorm Room

Hello freshmen! The next three or four years (depending on the course) are going to be a joy ride, which ultimately will be shaping your life for good! The UBC campus is calm, serene and very, very welcoming. I’m sure you wouldn’t have any trouble settling in and jelling up with your new-found friends.

While everyone is here to find their passion and study to the best of their potential, but this should not stop you from making your dorm room for homely – isn’t it? 


After all, you’re going to spend quite a bit of time there. A positive and lively dorm room not only looks more vibrant but also adds to your productivity. 


Here we’ve rounded up 10 of the best must-have items that can spice your empty dorm room!

  1. Game Up – Get a Ping Pong Table

Yes, you read that right! The game of Ping Pong is a hit on the campus with a cult-like following. You will find a ping pong table almost everywhere on the campus from the library to the auditorium to even the main hall. We even have Ping Pong contest yearly on the campus. This is one game you must try and learn! But you may wonder, it would occupy quite a bit of space – to be precise 9×5 foot.

Well, you don’t necessarily need a full-size table. You can either choose a mini table or ping pong conversion top. I particularly like the conversion top as you can simply mount it over your study table and play comfortably. You can find the list of best ping pong table tops here (not affiliated with them in any way).

  1. Storage Bins

The next item you must get is the storage bins, which you can easily slide under your bed. The dorm rooms are quite small, so you would want to make the best use of the space that’s available. Storage bins will keep your humble abode tidy and organized.

  1. A Small Coffee maker

The late-night assignments and study would require some healthy dose of caffeine running through your veins. Going to the canteen every time for the coffee is both costly as well as time-consuming. A small coffee maker would come very handy in such scenarios.

  1. Touch of personalization – Get an aquarium

College can be quite nerve-wracking at times, and pets are always known to be a great stress reliever. While you can’t get a real pet like a dog or fish as its against the dorm rules but what you can do is keep an aquarium and put your favorite fish. They are also low maintenance and require little to no time from you to manage. 


A 55-inch tank might work best, but you can also look for small study table aquariums. You can check the rates and the best deals for 55-inch fish tanks at Inlandaquatics.

  1. Foam mattress toppers

Most dorms come with standard spring mattresses, which I have to admit are not comfortable to sleep. A foam mattress topper can make your life easier, making the mattress slightly softer and comfier. A must-have for any student!

  1. A bookshelf 

Obviously, you will be reading and buying a lot of books. It’s imperative you would need a space to keep them safe and organized. There are various bookshelf options from over the table shelf to a full-fledged standing shelf. I personally like the desk shelf as the books are easier to access and keep.

  1. Surge Protectors and extension cords

In your room, at max, there would be two to three main electrical sockets which you share with your multiple gadgets and your roommate. You would need an extension cord with built-in surge protection so that you can power your laptop, phone, and other gadgets at your convenient location.

  1. Dorm or lap Desk

While most dorm rooms come fitted with a bare minimum study desk, but some of them don’t. Or, if you don’t like the desk that came along, probably you should upgrade it as soon as you can. You’re going to be using the desk most of the time; a comfortable desk can surely go a long way.

Find the best deal on dorm desks here.

  1. Study Lamp

A study lamp is a quintessential item for any college student. The dorm rooms are known for the poor lighting, and sometimes your roommate might have a different sleeping schedule. A study lamp can help you avoid all that and at the same time, help you study with more focus.

  1. Command Hanging strips

Our last pick is a lifesaver helping avoid the frustrating of putting a nail on the wall. The best way to personalize your room is to put the posters of your favorite characters. But hanging the poster involves putting nails on the wall, which by the way is against the dorm rules. 

Command Hanging strips to rescue! These innovative and practical strips help you hang any frame, posters, or lights with ease with major Fuzz.

Buy them here.

So, here you go this sum up the list. I hope you found the items helpful!

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