Are Band Saws Dangerous?

Any woodworking tool is potentially hazardous if basic safety guidelines are disregarded. Band saws are no exception. This article will provide you with essential tips to prevent any kind of physical injury.

In general, the device is one of the safest woodworking machines. Check reviews of the best bandsaw types available on Amazon and make sure to follow these vital recommendations the next time you work with wood. 

Protect Your Eyes

Eye protection is a must. First, as the saw rotates, little splinters and wood pieces fly in all directions. Secondly, in the event of breaking, you risk getting a piece of the blade in your eye. Putting on the glasses is an easy thing to do, but it is enough to prevent such disasters.  Make it a habit.

Protect Your Hands

Never reach across the device to flip the switch. If it is on your left, do it with your left hand. Your hands must be at least 3 inches away from the cutting element. You should be sliding the stock through the blade holding it with one hand on each side. 

Under no circumstances should you put your hand in the cut line, regardless of the distance from the blade. Use a push stick whenever you need to hold the stock close to our body. 

Protect Your Ears

Noise is an issue for only some of the users. If it bothers use, take steps to safeguard your ears. Use ear muffs or plugs to feel comfortable.


Woodworking requires certain protective clothing. Opt for a tight fit. Garments with long sleeves may be caught in the blade, which is extremely precarious. 

Regular Checks

It is imperative that you check your tool before every single cut. Otherwise, you risk damaging it prematurely. As the device operates thanks to a multitude of blocks and wheels, these elements must be subject to frequent checks. 

Based on the manufacturer’s guidelines, you may also need to adjust them from time to time. These precautions make sure the wear and tear do not accumulate too early. 


Another crucial parameter to monitor is tension. It must never exceed the limits specified in the manual. After all the adjustments and tension checks, prepare for the cut. Here is how to do it properly. 

  1. Turn off the motor. 
  2. Lay the stock flat on the band saw table. It must never be free-handed in mid-air. 
  3. Lower the blade guards to a distance between 1/8 and 1/4 inches from the stock. 
  4. Startup the tool and allow it to accelerate to its top speed. 
  5. Make sure your stock stays flat on the table at all times until the job is done.

Other Considerations

Naturally, it is best to purchase a band saw from a trusted manufacturer. Consider top models approved by platform. Finally, when working on some special angle or unconventional cut, add another layer of protection (and accuracy as well!) with a miter gauge or a band saw rip fence. 


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