Happy Christmas from Plymouth

It’s our last teaching week at Plymouth before the break and it’s the usual combination of exhaustion, trying to get everything done (for students and staff) strangely combined with a general sense of levity. We thought we’d send you a short film of our lab and the work we get up to and you can see it on the Facebook page and on YouTube.


Also there are a couple of films of students in the canteen discussing questions 5 and 6 (cultural sensitivity and post modernism). It’s quite noisy, in fact in one it sounds like there’s a dinosaur loose, but you get the idea. You can see these on the project Facebook page, just click the link on the left of this page and take your pick. Or, if you’re particularly lazy try:

Question 5


Question 6

Anyway, we wish you happy Christmas at the end of the first one and I’d just like to repeat that and thank you for all the work you’ve done on the project this last term. Bernie and I will be putting one or two more things up on the blog before we start to pick your brains about your own views. If you do have any views, or wish to add any reflections please do so.

Happy Christmas and have a great holiday.

Roger and the Plymouth Students.