Best Shoes for Travel & Festivals – Top Sneakers for Walking – November 2019

Whether you’re backpacking through a foreign country or dancing on a patch of grass in the alternate reality provided by a festival, there is a specific type of comfort that is too often overlooked: we forget to take care of our feet. Admit it, it’s a bummer even at the best of times– you can be having the time of your life, but still, deep down, you know it would be better if you would have considered foot comfort.

I learned this lesson the hard way too many times. And I know I’m not the only one. So, I started experimenting with different shoes, and asking my friends I’d meet at fests and on the road how their feet were feeling– sometimes, I met people whose sentiments echoed my own; they’d be beating themselves up, asking why they had (again) forgot that a great pair of shoes is basically a necessity to a great time. Other times, I would meet folks who were totally content with their comfort, like they had been walking and dancing on a cloud. So, I started keeping track, and I noticed there was a lot of overlap for what free spirits who love to travel and go to festivals prefer to have on their feet. Pretty cool.

If you can’t stand the discomfort of Converse (despite their style) or the ugliness of crocks (despite their comfort), there is still a perfect shoe for you, I promise. I talked to lots of young people about what’s important to them in a shoe when they hit the road or hit the festival circuit, and I heard a lot of similar opinions. People want a shoe that’s durable, reliable, waterproof, and, perhaps most significantly, uniquely stylish.

I’m happy to report that after asking fellow students, friends, travelers, and festival-goers, I’ve landed upon what I believe to be some very valuable info. Here it is.

The Top 3 Best Shoes for Travel & Festivals

  1. Vessi Footwear

Image 2019-04-15 at 12.45.11 PM.png

Lots of folks haven’t heard of Vessi yet. But they will soon. These distinctly stylish foot-friends are the world’s first waterproof knit shoes. Yes, you read that right. Stylish, comfortable, and they’ll keep your feet nice and dry. No more wet socks– if it sounds too good to be true, go ahead and let your doubts rest. The product of a modern new company in Vancouver BC, these fresh shoes are the real deal.

Everybody wants dry feet, even in the mud and the rain that is so inevitable when you’re having a good time, but nobody wants to clunk around in giant boots. I know I don’t. With Vessi footwear, you get cool shoes that are stylish, comfy, and effective. If you have been waiting for waterproof shoes that don’t sacrifice style for functionality, this is what you have been waiting for. These shoes are breathable as can be, and nothing beats dry feet on a wet day on the outdoor dance floor at a festival, or on a long walk through some strange new land.

Plus, they offer all sorts of good deals, such as 10% with free shipping and returns. And, for all you free spirits out there, these shoes are also vegan. No harm done. Pretty great, hey? I don’t know if there is anything else in the world that I would personally choose to remove from my festival and travel experiences than wet socks. Thanks to our friends at Vessi, that dream is finally a reality. h

  1. Doc Martens

If it’s not going to be too hot, Doc Martens do a lot of what we all want. They are super comfortable and amazing durable– they could last a lifetime of festival seasons and maybe a couple trips backpacking through Eastern Europe to boot (pun intended). In the midst of the hot summer, I’d still go with Vessis, hands down; Docs are heavy, hot, and not exactly the epitome of breathable. However, if you are looking for something a little more hardcore, you can’t go wrong with Docs. There’s not a better boot with more stylistic cache on the market, you can be sure of that.

  1. Converse All-Stars

I know what I said before about their lack of comfort, but there’s no time and place better to look cool than while you’re around a festival or living the drifting life of a traveler. The soles aren’t comprehensive, and they’re not built for strenuous walking– and, in fact, they are the absolute worst in the rain… however, they are still iconic, and if you desire pure style and coolness over practicality, may as well go for some chucks… But don’t forget, you can just go with Vessi and not sacrifice either. I seriously love the way these look, and I’m not alone, but if your trip involves an excess of walking and foot travel, you’ll be regretting your choice the second you end up squishing around in wet socks.

Conclusion – What’s the Best Shoes for Festivals or Travelling?

I’ve done my research, and the favorites never go away. Chucks, Docs, Adidas, Nikes, they will always have a place on the scene. But I think that they should be prepared to make way for Vessi, too. I think these waterproof, lightweight, breathable, vegan shoes have all the potential in the world to make a serious mark. Whether you’re backpacking through Asia, Europe, South America, or just through the woods on the way to the next stage at your annual music festival, consider inviting Vessi instead of sticking to your regular. I guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised.


I travel, to festivals and otherwise, about as much as a student budget can possibly allow, and there is zero chance I’ll stop bringing a pair of Vessi footwear shoes with me– even though I might keep some Chucks in my pack for special occasions. Go ahead and give Vessi a follow on social media to get more info and see why I have listed them as better than two of the icons of contemporary footwear.