10 days and counting

I’m officially nervous.

Jump Start begins the 17th of August and time is flying. Has it really been five months since I accepted my offer? wow. It feels like less than a space between two words. But still, here I am: writing my first blog for UBC (my first blog ever, actually).

I have a list of things to do, a list of things to take, a list of things to buy and a list of things to leave. Is it easy to notice that I like lists? I also have a list of friends to miss and a not-for-long-empty list of friends to meet.

I feel scared but ready; happy.

I’m sitting under a cherry tree, thinking of the hundreds of yous out there, in the world, feeling kind of like me: trying to decide which laptop to get (go for the mac!) or if it’s really worth it to get a fridge (is it?). Wondering if you’ll get along with your roommate or neighbor (are you out there Okanagan House 412?)…

It’s almost time to say goodbye and leave with much enthusiasm packed in your bags. How about a coffee when we get there?

About Valentina

I'm from a small and beautiful town next to a big and amazing lake in Guatemala.
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7 Responses to 10 days and counting

  1. Tyler says:

    I’m also a big list fan :)

    Welcome to the UBC Blog Squad!

  2. Lizzy says:

    I was in Okanagan House last year – it’s lively yet sincere. You will love it there!

    (Oh, and there is a full-size fridge in each floor lounge, so you may or mayn’t want your own. You could always do what me and a few others did with the odd perishable item, which was to keep it nestled up against the window, inbetween the pane and the blind. It keeps things satisfactorily chilled, during most of the school year except for a few weeks on either end.)

    In any case, welcome to the Blog Squad!

  3. Carman Lam says:

    Hi Valentina! I would love to have a coffee with you when you get here! Time really is flying by, but UBC will be a great adventure!

  4. Eastwood says:

    Hey Valentina, a warm welcome to UBC and the Blog Squad!

    Last year at this time, I felt exactly the same way — nervous, but excited. (Speaking of which, I need to blog on this topic…)

    Looking forward to reading about your experiences!

  5. Sara says:

    Hey Valentina!

    Yessss lists! :D

    I’d love to grab a coffee with you on campus sometime when you get here too, if you’re interested! It’s always great to meet fellow classmates beforehand, as approaching people otherwise can be a tad intimidating.

    As for the fridge, I’ve never lived in res but considering my own roommates, I’d say yes. And considering that the fridges are shared amongst the whole floor, I’d say double-yes! Though I suppose it depends on how often you buy things that need to be chilled. Lizzy’s suggestion was good, too- I’ll have to try that sometime.

    Hope you’re getting excited- my first day was pretty memorable! :) Also, mind if I stick your url on my blog? That way I can keep all the blogs I stalk in one place, haha.

  6. Valentina says:

    hey sara!! I tried to put a comment of your blog, but technology gets the best of me (does that even make sense in english?) anyways, I’m really looking forward to UBC and meeting all of you guys!!!
    how does the url thing work> i want to do that with my blog too!! :p

  7. Sara says:

    Hey! :D

    Aw, haha! Too bad your comment got lost. I’m not sure how posting links on WordPress blogs work, but usually there’s a page to edit your layout. I think with WordPress, links go under something called “blogroll.” I don’t know for sure, though… maybe you can Google a good tutorial?

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