Jump Start and favorite places

It has been more than two weeks in UBC and I can’t believe it! 

Jump Start has been totally amazing, I can’t imagine how my UBC life would look like if it wasn’t for this awesome program. Really, I am ready! I know the basic campus structure (it’s so big that I don’t think I’ll ever know everything), I got my computer (lovely mac), I met lots of people (including Em, my fellow blogsquadder) and I had A LOT of fun. 

So, if you see me around campus when you come in with bags and maps, ask me for help! I can help you! :) 

Moving on to my favorite places on campus…

I know that I have been to almost nowhere when you take into consideration the size of this place, but I have found some really memorable places. 

  1. The Nitobe Garden. Absolutely amazing, really relaxing place, full of hidden meanings. I really can’t wait to see one of the festivals that are done there. 
  2. The beach! I did go to wreck beach and it is a nudist beach, but it’s also a natural paradise! The walk down is full of huge trees and ferns that remind me of home. Also, the sand and the water at the end are a view that you shouldn’t miss.
  3. The Chai Gallery. OK, this isn’t really on campus, but it’s close taking the 17 bus. The place is beautiful and the food is… wow. I had a roasted eggplant and tomato roll and I literally had a moment with my food. 


I have now moved into my shared room in Tweeds. There’s enough space for everything but it’s quite white. So if you haven’t packed yet, do yourself a favor and put some colorful stuff in you bags!

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I'm from a small and beautiful town next to a big and amazing lake in Guatemala.
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