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I'm from a small and beautiful town next to a big and amazing lake in Guatemala.


Buyurun is an all-purpose turkish word. According to my pocket-sized dictionary it means ‘Please!’ My Turkish Survival Guide says that it can also mean any of the following words and phrases: ‘welcome’, ‘please come in’, ‘sit down’, ‘there you are’, … Continue reading

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Studies in Koç University. Lives in Istanbul.

Hello from Turkey. After a 20 hour bus ride from Corfu -on the fanciest bus I’ve ever been in – I arrived to Koç early Friday morning and happily proceeded to sleep all day. I’ve settled into my dorm room and … Continue reading

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I was going to send you a postcard

…. but even though Greece has some of the most breath-taking sceneries I have ever seen, they have no taste for postcards. Why would you ruin a perfect picture by photoshoping a smiling dolphin on it and writing ‘Grece’ in … Continue reading

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Encontré un lugar en el que manejan peor que en Guatemala. Los carros, las motos, los peatones, parece que estan bailando en las pequeñas calles de Napoli. Sólo les faltan los tuctucs. Napoli es una ciudad caótica. Es una ciudad … Continue reading

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Adios Toscana

Tengo el corazón en la garganta, en esa forma tan extraña que pasa sólo cuando tengo miedo, nervios, felicidad y tristeza, todo junto, revuelto, al mismo tiempo. Me siento un poco como cuando viajo de Vancouver a Guatemala o de … Continue reading

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today a country was born and a poet was killed

I wake up to these news. Facundo Cabral. Killed in my country. I read the tweets, the facebook messages, the news. People all over are expressing their disdain, their shame, their sadness. I join them, but not without a deep … Continue reading

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Did you know that Gatorade was invented at the University of Florida?

As it turns out, the University of Florida’s mascot is the Gator. And they’re really into sports. So into sports that they have a football stadium for 90,000 people! And it’s always full during games! I’m in Gainesville, Florida, and … Continue reading

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Stages of Procrastination

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All-you-can-eat Chocolate Fondue !!!

Why didn’t I know about this place before? This Friday I went with some friends to Capstone Tea, an amazing place on Robson St. They have bubble teas, normal teas, milk teas, cheese fondue, and all-you-can-eat chocolate fondue! It was … Continue reading

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This year: Involvement

Probably the most fulfilling side of my experience in my second year. As the VP External of the International Students Association I had the opportunity to work with an amazing team of about 15 people, all from different countries, speaking … Continue reading

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