Sustainability Marketing – A Review

Sustainability Marketing

My, my, my; what a journey Sustainability Marketing has been. I’ve learnt a lot about sustainability, marketing, and myself. Tamar once again proved why she’s one of the most sought after professors for Sauder students. Her arrangement of the course material flowed so well and she clearly provided explanations to all concepts. Her cheery attitude and welcoming personality created an engaging learning environment in which ideas were fostered, allowed to grow, and blossomed. The content itself was thoroughly interesting. Sustainability is my passion and the material covered taught me so much more than I could have hoped. This is my 2nd marketing class and it once again proved to me why I nearly chose marketing as my major. Having a real, tangible impact in the world is an enticing thought. The client challenges taught me so much about who I am and how I operate. Working with real people, hearing their ideas, attempting to navigate their vagueness: it was a great learning experience. Thank you Tamar for exposing me to such an exciting field and I look forward to diving back in after exams!

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