Planting guide for Vancouver

Sometimes planting advice can be vague, so we made this planting guide for Vancouver taking into account frost dates and the climate zone for you. The planting and harvesting dates are given as ranges because there can be variation depending on the cultivars you choose to grow and changes in temperature year to year. This guide is meant to give you a general sense of your gardening schedule; read your seed packets and keep tabs on your current weather to narrow down your planting and harvest dates.

To keep it simple, this guide only includes basic information. For example, radishes can be planted throughout the summer, but only the earliest planting and harvest dates are shown here. Many of the crops can be grown from seed but only have transplanting dates shown here because that is the most common method for certain plants. For additional information, be sure to check out the What to grow tab.

The best way to figure out what to grow and when is to just get started. Use this guide as a jumping off point to start experimenting with your garden.

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