Medication Kills! – A Business Ethics Nightmare

Some businesses in pursuit of profit, may conduct itself in illegal and harmful behaviours that can cause damages to society and demonstrate lack of business ethics. I have came across an article earlier that resembles a perfect example of severe lack of business ethics that is destructing the health and well-beings of the general public in Europe without consumers recognizing the potential damages which are often life-threatening.

This article revealed that in Europe, counterfeit medications are plundering the wealth of consumers when nearly half of the medications which consumers

Above: Pills and medications; businesses lack ethic to produce illegal and dangerous medications to the public. Credits: Rossion Inc 2012.

purchase online are produced “on the streets”! These counterfeit medications often contains very little to no pharmaceutical ingredients and would only intoxicate patients who are already suffering from different illnesses. These businesses create “web shops” which they trade their privately produced medications which are indistinctly similar to the pharmaceutical medications prescribed and available in the market. Consumers who are unaware and have purchased these medications are thus believed to have purchased effective ones.