A Lasting Phone Would Destroy A Lasting Company

This post is a comment of Logan Lan’s blog post: Good things aren’t made to last. His original post can be located on http://blogs.ubc.ca/loganlan/.

In the past few years, Apple’s Iphone series greatly contributed to its success. It’s popularity and its market position as mentioned by Logan, seemed appealing to twenty-first century consumers. Being an apple fan myself, I simply enjoyed navigating the Apple’s  iOS operating system compared to the Android system used across almost every other brand that produced smartphones. In past years, Apple have released a new Iphone available to consumers every year, which many of Apple’s loyal consumers abandoned their current Iphone for a newer version simply to keep themselves on trend, especially when technology is evolving at such a rapid pace.  Their previous Iphone did not break, nor malfunction, but a new Iphone’s release pressured them to purchase the updated phone despite only minimal changes have been made, such as that 0.1µ additional pixel mentioned by Logan to that same camera on the same top left corner on the back of every Iphone made.

I agree with Logan once we take on Apple’s marketing prospective. Apple relied on its loyal consumers to throw away their old phones and constantly purchase Apple’s new phones, thus their phones were not designed to last. Had they produced a lasting phone that outran its competitors even if they had the technology to do so, profit figures would tell them otherwise. Undoubtedly, Apple’s current strategy is keeping it in profitable condition years into the future and its loyal consumers can look forward to trashing more phones until they stop getting enticed by the bait on the hook.

New Iphone releases after a series in past years. Credits: http://gizlogy.com/apple-iphone-generations-time-line/

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