Glo – Successful and Authentic from Africa

African telecommunications operator, Glo, was titled one of the five best brands in Africa. Credits:

Recently, Globacom (or Glo) was given the title of one of the five best brands in Africa. Glo delivers telecommunication services to its consumers across several countries in Africa including Nigeria, Ghana and Benin Republic. However, the scales of its operations was not the reason it was given this title. Its true value came from its social contributions on top of the profit it generated after 10 years of service.

Glo was a company that did not only focus on delivering services. It actively engaged in developing the communities around it. For example, sponsoring awards to African footballers, promoting heroic behavior in different fields, investing in music reality TV broadcasts and enriching the lives of Africans through a variety  of telecasts on TV.

Furthermore, Glo contributed heavily to building telecom infrastructure, linking cables with the rest of the world in order for Africans to be informed of the happenings in the entire globe. Consumers admire that Glo is taking the world stage, representing Africa’s authenticity and unique culture.

In my opinion, Globacom is a perfect example of a both successful and socially responsible organization.¬† It has set up a strategy to profit while helping the entire African society grow. It’s sponsorships and its investments not only allow consumers to access information more quickly and easily, the telecommunications company can also profit from consumers using the services they have constructed. This mutual relationship it has established makes it higher profitable, sustainable and well recognized. This company positively influences society and spreads the unique African collectivism and unity.

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