Way to Go Sauder Grad!

Credits: http://www.victoriaexplorer.com/events/dragons-den-auditions-in-victoria-feb-2-2013/

Dustin Sproat,  a recent graduate from the Robert H. Lee Graduate School of the Sauder School of Business, is now on his way to become a real entrepreneur after his presentation made in the popular show, Dragon’s Den, that scored him $250,000 and a powerful business partner that previously shaped Boston Pizza, Jim Treliving,

Sproat and his team developed an app named Shnarped which allows downloaded users to understand more about hockey players, game information, statistics and even allows the users to send a message or response to the games. The name and idea originated from a card game that was often played by hockey players while traveling between games.

Shnarped on Dragon’s Den Credits: http://www.theprovince.com/technology/grad+hockey+wows+Dragons/9109251/story.html

Dustin Sproat and his team was very surprised when all five dragons were willing to pitch in for his business offer, which was 10% of the company in exchange for $100,000 of investment. Evidently, these business sharks see a lot of potential in Sproat’s business and is hoping to profit from a being a part of this.

This action undertaken by Sproat and his team is a direct correlation to the fundamental basis of entrepreneurship, which is to courageously find ways for the business to sprout alive, in this case, even when it means being questioned or humiliated by a group of business experts in front of the entire world watching on television.

Sproat and his team was confident in their app, they knew this app is missing from the daily lives of Canadians, but most importantly, despite being tremendously nervous to face the dragons, they overcame the anxiety and cowardice which are the main barriers blocking passionate entrepreneurs today.

Credits: “The Province.” www.theprovince.com. N.p., n.d. Web. 16 Nov. 2013.

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