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Crimping taffeta and wiring connectors



Start with taffeta pulled through the shrink tubing. Have solid wire and crimp connector ready.





Put solid wire inside taffeta, and lay the taffeta inside the crimp connector.








Crimp and then trim excess taffeta and wire.







Heat shrink the tubing and insert crimped connector into plug. Insulate remainder of taffeta with fabric.


On Dec. 13, 2017 at the School of Music WinterBang! Festival we presented an overview of the developments so far. We discussed design issues, development, solutions to problems encountered, and some possible future directions. We also had a demonstration of the wireless prototype by Danielle Lee.

Wireless RUBS Environment Development — WiRED

The RUBS project has added four Engineering students working on a capstone project. The students are:
Carol Fu, Jin Han, Lily Shao, and Esther Mutinda

They will be developing (among other things) a wireless system for the RUBS and investigating alternative sensors for the suits. They are especially pleased to be part of the project because we have cookies. And do cool things with dancers and music technology people.