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Finally, the weekend!  Hoorayyyyy! *does happy dance*

Well, as of today, I’ve gotten through two weeks of classes.  I’m really enjoying all of them, and I don’t get too much homework, but I’m looking forward to getting some time to just chillax in my dorm room and just veg out.  I actually love just sitting around not doing much, but homework doesn’t really agree with that behaviour… haha.  It can wait til tomorrow.

I’m starting to watch myself in terms of how much money I spend; I’ve already been to the ATM twice this week.  I spent some money on breakfast foods so I don’t have to go to the dining hall every morning (which I think is justifiable), and I bought a house t-shirt, and then I went thrift shopping with some people from my house to get more of my house colour (orange isn’t a plentiful colour in my wardrobe), and then I ate supper at Fresh Slice yesterday (which by the way is really really yummy pizza for pretty cheap – the only thing is they don’t take the UBCCard), and then today I went and got the marbelous cookie again… oh my guilty pleasure…

So I haven’t spent TOO much as of yet, I just need to watch myself to make sure it doesn’t become a habit.  After all, I need that money to pay for my residence.  I’ll let myself eat out now and then, as long as most nights I do eat in the cafeteria.  And there’s this tuque at the Outpost I really want… well.. maybe next week, if I’m a good girl. :P

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