Don’t Lose Your Job Because of That “One” Post

Nowadays, there are more people using the social media, and many companies has started to use social media to interact and engage more with their customers. Thus, the boundary between professional and personal lives has started to become blurred and unclear. In our COMM 202 – Career Fundamentals course, we always have been reminded to maintain our reputation and be professional in both offline and online world.

As an employee, you are representing your company. With current technology, people are able to access your profile through social media. It is required to be sure not to have posts or pictures that will defame your company’s reputation. Moreover, things you posted in Facebook or Twitter are visible to everyone around your network, including your colleagues and employers.

This fact applies not only to employees, but also to people who are currently looking for a job. You will see that many companies have started to use social media to search more about their applicants. They wanted to see whether those applicants fit in to their company.

So, how to manage your online profile?

  • Always try to Google yourself and see what others will found when they are searching about you
  • Personalize the privacy setting
  • Un-tag yourself from any unnecessary posts or pictures
  • Think twice before you post or share

Are there any other tips that you can give? Just leave a comment below…

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