Be SMART Savvy! IWB’s in education

Interactive WhiteBoards, like the SmartBoard, have become commonplace in many schools over the past decade. IWB’s afford access to a variety of learning styles and can support inclusion according to Universal Design for Learning theory (Pellerin, 2013). They promise the ability to increase student engagement by providing a focal point for instruction, interactivity, gaming and animations. This increased focus and engagement can improve student learning (Troft and Tirotta, 2009)

IWBs – be SMART Savvy. How are IWBs used in the classroom and to what effect? Are they simply a place to hang student work, a glorified projection screen or are they transformative tools? Visit the Sandbox to share… SandboxIWB

Share your thoughts, links and ideas about IWB use in the classroom.

Evaluate as your explore. Whether you create a lesson or find one on-line, be sure to participate in some formative assessment as you go (Weston, 2004). Try asking yourself critical questions as you explore:

Does the lesson or interactivity:

1. Support and/or meet the learning targets, current curriculum or the needs of the students and/or the teacher?

2. Provide a transformative experience rather than simply replacing existing technology? i.e. is there some affordance you have with this technology/interactivity/lesson that you would not otherwise have?

3. Reflect the pedagogy of the classroom teacher and/or current educational philosophy?

• Does it encourage student-centered learning or personalization? Do students USE the IWB or simply watch it?
• Does it allow for active learning? student knowledge creation? small group work? hands-on interactivity?


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