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sci-fi in real life: vancouver/lotusland’s worldwide reproduction

robson st
…..look like robson st? it should, because its a direct reproduction of it in the form of a school and resort called the Vancouver Resort in China, “on a lake near Shanghai, complete with its own Coal Harbour, Robson Street and Royal Yacht Club.”

these photos have been fascinating/creeping me out for a while now and today’s discussion about the concept of the utopian city as represented in sci fi like clarke’s novel, with vancouver as an example of the mythical ‘lotus-land’– a place without memory or pain, where all earthly wonders are beautiful and those who eat the lotus walk among us (supposedly)– is uncannily expressed in the descriptions of Vancouver used in this resort’s advertising. it is strange to see one’s city reflected back at oneself, especially when that reflection looks like an unnerving hybrid stuck halfway between reality and facade. it is vancouver’s own “looking-glass self” gone horribly wrong and made almost TOO self-aware.


on the school: “Choosing Sino-Canada High School is an express way to experience the authentic Canadian Education ; one step closer to the University of British Columbia…”

on vancouver: “Vancouver, “the city of heaven” , beaches, lakes, forests, mild climate, people’s first choice for holiday and immigration. Among eastern China , only the Dingshan lake area can provide you with both waterscape and modern city life.”

….has anyone else heard more recent stories about this resort? shit’s crazy!

more info: vancouver sun article