The Chinese Airforce Chronograph


A Brief Introduction


There’s just something about chronograph watches that make you want to look at the photos all day and drool.  Or maybe that’s just me.  Anyway, any watch enthusiast will have to admit that they’re pretty intriguing to look at simply because of the bare glass frame that shows off the inner workings of the watch.  With their minimal numerals and gold accented gears, the white face and the glass covering really work well together.  The numbers are large and easy to see, as are the hands that spiral around the face of the clock.  It is a professional and beautiful watch to look at.

As far as branding goes, Seagull doesn’t seem to have the best reputation going.  Their watches are easily agreed upon for looking sleek and refined, but as far as being a good investment, the jury is still out.

Pros and Cons of the Seagull 1963


  • unique design
  • simple and sleek


  • loses time


Anyone can take a look at the clear face of this watch and know that it’s expensive.  It has a decent weight to it and is great for the work environment or something a little more spiffy.  The gold of the gears will light up in all environments and looks impressive and professional in the same breath.


A large part of this watch that has people interested is the fact that it has an auto mechanism.  This is what gives this company credit.  Reviewers state, however, that the auto mechanism itself takes a couple of weeks to orient itself.  Until then, the watch has to be wound manually.  Between that fact – which is not advertised clearly – and the fact that it loses a minute or two a day approximately, it doesn’t seem to have a great reputation on its inner workings. I mean if this isn’t minimal enough, feel free to check out our Daniel Wellington watch review.


If you’re looking for a good introduction to the Chinese auto mechanism watches and you love the look of the chronograph style, this is a great option.  With time and patience, maybe Seagull will make its way to the top in production and reliability so that the inner workings match the quality of the external workings.