Plato needs to shut his mouth…Now…Please

Yo people,

So this isn’t one of my mandatory posts but it is 10:40 pm on Wednesday and I just sung “Human” for 3 hours so I feel that I need to vent about my favorite annoying ancient philosopher..Plato.

For anyone who doesn’t know who Plato is, he’s pretty much some smart rich roman dude who decided not to do politics and pursue philosophy (wtf) after his bro (more like a mancrush) Socrates was executed. Wah..Wah..Wah poor him.

So for Arts One we need to read his short thingamabob “Gorgias” which is a dialogue between his idol (more like obsession) Socrates (by the way for the longest time I thought it was pronounced So-Crack-ts not Saw-Cra-tease) and his friends Gorgias, Polus, Callicles and some random dude who does nothing.

Anywho I am just about to finish it for a second time and all I want to do is say.. SHUT THE F UP SOCRATES..NO ONE LIKES YOU! YOU ARE AN ANNOYING DERP WHO NEEDS TOP STOP TALKING. I cannot deny that Plato/Socrates are some of the greatest thinkers of all time (the whole Allegory of the Cave was pretty cool) but when people repeatedly tell you to stop talking because “You love to win” — yes i just quoted it — you need to stop.

I understand that Socrates is using the Socratic method to toy with the minds of his so called friends but really…dude…chill out. Doe sit matter if someone has holes in their way of thinking? Everyone does..Who is he to go all high and mighty and open a can of ┬áverbal whop-ass on everyone. I’m sorry Plato, it just gets annoying.

I know that I should differentiate Plato and his character of Socrates but I won’t for now, he is evidently using the wall of a dead mentor to mask his own thoughts…Plato you met your match in simple, young Seamus Fera.

In conclusion I will say this…I really enjoyed reading “Gorgias”.


Seamus Fera


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