A) Are teacher candidates able to find their own accommodations outside that recommended by their international partners?

Teacher candidates are strongly recommended to accept the accommodations recommended or provided by the international partner.

Safety is a key priority when it comes to CFE accommodations. Since a teacher candidate may not know how safe their chosen accommodation and/or nearby neighborhood is, (and how safe the transportation routes to and from the school to their accommodations are), they may be inadvertently placing themselves in an unsafe situation.

It would be somewhat similar to the difference getting a great prices with the Waldorf Hotel on East Hastings Street, Vancouver, and a less than great price on a dorm room in the UBC Gage residence.  In this case the less costly hotel is not always the most safe hotel.

However, if the teacher candidate is willing to read, understand, sign and email the CFE program coordinator back a scanned and signed copy of a Accommodation Assumption of Risk form (with the original signed hard copy received by the international CFE coordinator by January 31), then the teacher candidate may find their own accommodation.

All self placements must complete this form and email it to the international CFE coordinator.