A) What is the minimum teaching time that a teacher candidate must complete to pass an international classroom-based CFE?

The minimum daily ‘on-task’ time expected for a UBC  teacher candidate engaged in a classroom-based or school-based international CFE,  is 15 different days, at between 5-8 hours a day. The term ‘on-task’ time is used instead of ‘teaching’ time because hours used to plan, hours used to observe and reflect, and hours spent attending to other non-classroom-based  learning activities (such as assisting a school coach, working with specialists, assisting with school projects outside of classroom time, visiting other classrooms, etc…) is also viewed as powerful on-task time that meets the CFE’s objectives.

The time spent teaching in a classroom will vary with each teacher candidate and will usually increase as the three weeks progress. For example during the first few days, a teacher candidate will likely be doing more observing, visiting other classrooms, and learning of classroom/school routines and expectations than they will teaching.  However,  by the end of the three weeks many will be doing more teaching (4 to 6 hours a day) than observing.

So to summarize, 1) there is no minimum teaching time that a teacher candidate must complete to pass a classroom-based international CFE. 2) the amount of time a teacher candidate spends teaching is different for every teacher candidate, and is left up to the host teacher and UBC teacher candidate to negotiate. 3) once the UBC teacher candidate has settled in, they should be expected to teach as much as they are capable doing and as much as the host teacher is willing to ‘give up’, and 4) to receive a ‘pass’ for the CFE, teacher candidates must be engaged in learning (on site and/or off site) for between 5 to 8 hours a day.

B) What kind of evaluation will the hosting international school teacher have to do with their teacher candidates?  

All teacher candidates have undergone a rigorous and detailed assessment and evaluation of their teaching abilities throughout their UBC Bachelor of Education program. Thus, when they arrive at their international school, they have been deemed ‘capable as a beginning teacher in BC’. Therefore, there is no expectation for the school to produce a formal detailed evaluation of the teacher candidates teaching abilities.

The CFE focuses on giving the teacher candidates time to explore and teach in different contexts in a manner where they are encouraged to learn from others and apply and develop  their own growing teaching skills – without the worry of formal evaluation. Of course if the host teacher is willing to give feedback to the UBC teacher candidate and the UBC teacher candidate is open to receiving feedback, we encourage this – especially informally.

Having said this, the CFE program Coordinator depends on feedback from international hosts aimed at improving the CFE program. Thus, international teacher hosting a teacher candidate are required to complete a 4 question feedback form located here: It is important to note that this form must be completed for the CFE coordinator to assign the UBC teacher candidate a passing grade for their CFE.