Chinese Visas

A) What is the application experience like for UBC teacher candidates? Are there any tips ?

The following are excerpt from an email sent to the international CFE coordinator by a teacher candidate scheduled to do their 2019 CFE in China.  It lists some information that will help set expectations and it lists tips that may may smooth our other teacher candidates’ experiences when applying for a Chinese visa:

“I filled out the application online. It took a long time and the system is a bit glitchy. At the end of the online process I booked a day to go hand in my application. The appointment booking time is not a specific time, rather just a day. I went in the afternoon of February the 15th the Pro D day. When I was there after taking a number, I had to wait 2 hours. Others waiting around me said that they had been there all day, or were sent away to take new photos or make photocopies and come back to wait again.

The key point I took away that day is, bring all your passports, even your expired ones and make sure that all the photos you put on your application and that you bring in are exactly the same! I saw someone who was turned away because their uploaded photo on the online application was different, not that he looked any different as in glasses or beard, rather that the photo was not an exact copy. Show up with photocopies of everything, lots of photos that all look the same and just smile and nod. Paying for the application process can not be done on VISA. Only debit or cash.

The question that I kept being asked was, as a student without a job, who would be paying for my travel, the answer that the agent really seemed to want was that it was my husband who was obviously paying. Alright. I was only at the agents window for 10 minutes, after watching other people stand there for 45 minutes. Now I am waiting for the visa to be completed and to pick it up with my passport”.

(Note: Please do not hesitate to forward the international CFE coordinator any other suggestions and advice you may have for other China-bound teacher candidates. With your permission, the international CFE coordinator will post additional updates/advice that will help prepare other China-bound TCs with their Chinese visa application).