Civic Days

Chinese Lantern Festival (

A) Some international partners will be closed for one or two days during the CFE dates to observe local or national civic holidays.  This prevents teacher candidates from meeting the required fifteen-day participation requirement.  What steps can a teacher candidate take to meet the CFE’s 15-day participation requirement?

Teacher candidates are permitted to miss up to two days of their international CFE due to locally-observed civic holidays. Unlike local or rural CFEs, the context of an international CFE offers teacher candidates immersion in a continually new and shifting intercultural context, which in turn provides the teacher candidate with and engagingly dense set of learning opportunities into the impact of culture on teaching and learning,  Moreover this intercultural education will likely occur from the moment the teacher wakes up until the moment they fall asleep.

In other words, a teacher candidate will more than make up the ’15-days’ of required class time through their interactions in the community during the locally observed civic holidays.

However, teacher candidates are encouraged to maximize their immersion in teaching and learning on these civic vacation days by visiting local places of teaching and learning (if open) that occur outside their host school or organization.  That is, teacher candidates are encouraged to visit local/national museums, libraries, cultural centers, historically significant destinations, demonstration/biological gardens, local universities, etc…, and explore and reflect upon on the instructional role that these places of learning have on the local, national and international communities.

For example, past teacher candidates have composed some very engaging reflections regarding their understandings of the power of visual literacy in places such as their host community’s museums, gardens and historical places.

Achaemenid tombs, Iran (

B) How many vacation days may an internationally-bound teacher candidate observe during their CFE?

Two.  Any more than this (especially for those crossing the international date line or traveling to Africa – see the travel Q&As) must be cleared with the CFE program coordinator.

C) Do teacher candidates observe both Canadian and their host community’s civic vacation days?

No.  Once a teacher candidate leaves Canada they are to observe the vacation-day schedule of their host community.