A) How accurate is the information on the international CFE pages and are there any disclaimers?

Regarding all International CFE Placements and programs:

Note that all information, arrangements and costs presented on these pages (that is, on this website which includes all of UBC’s international CFE pages) are provided to teacher candidates for their general planning purposes only and that this information is subject to change without notice from year to year.    Only the CFE partner(s) can confirm a teacher candidate’s final activities and costs. It is the teacher candidate’s responsibility to confirm with their international contact/partner the information on this page. Sometimes the actual arrangements, information and costs can only be fully confirmed right up until month before the teacher candidate’s departure.  Teacher candidates are reminded that final international CFE costs are often higher than estimated. UBC and UBC’s international partners will not cover the cost difference between a dorm (or other partner sanctioned accommodation) and another type of accommodation chosen by the teacher candidate. Also note, the TEO is not responsible for costs incurred due to the cancellation of a CFE placement due to unforeseen events that are beyond the TEO’s control (e.g., acts of God such as tsunamis, epidemics like COVID-19, human error, immigration regulations, nuclear disasters, any events of a cataclysmic level, etc…).