International Learning Award

a) How much is Go Global’s  International Learning Award, and how and when do teacher candidates receive it?

The International Learning Award is $593.00 CDN for each teacher candidate doing a CFE outside of Canadian borders. In actuality, a teacher candidate first pays a $407.00 Go Global processing fee and then are given a $1,000.00 learning award, leaving them with a net of $593.00.

The International Learning Award fee will be charged to teacher candidates roughly 4 weeks prior to departure, with the award coming soon after the fee has been paid.

Teacher candidates doing a self placement CFE outside of Canadian borders also receives a $593.00 (net) International Learning Award, and they receive it in the same manner.

b) How do teacher candidates apply for the International Learning Award award?

Teacher candidates do not complete an International Learning Award application.  Instead, the award is automatically granted to teacher candidates who have both: a) accepted a CFE placement from the international CFE coordinator, and b) registered with UBC’s Safety Abroad.

c) How do teacher candidates pay the ~$407.00 Go Global processing fee?

Please be aware that the Go Global International Learning Award processing fee, and the UBC Tuition fee, are processed through two different ‘accounts’. Teacher candidates should not pay their Go Global Fee through their UBC Tuition fee account.

The best way for teacher candidates to pay the Go Global fee is directly through their Student Service Centre under Finances > Pay Fees. The system is automatically set up to ensure that fees paid through this method are sent to the correct account.  Please read  Paying the Go Global Fee and How to Pay Your Go Global Fees document for more information and step by step instructions.

Note that teacher candidates will not be able to make payment in-person at Brock Hall, the Go Global office, or their financial institution. Moreover, paying this fee directly through a financial institution’s online banking interface only credits the teacher candidate’s tuition, and, more importantly, leaves the teacher candidate’s Go Global fee  unpaid.

If a teacher candidate accidentally pays their Go Global fee through their UBC Tuition account (either via bank transfer to their UBC tuition account or through a cheque or in-person payment at the Advising Centre in Brock Hall), they must contact Go Global at to request that the fee be transferred from their UBC Tuition account into their International Learning Award (Go Global) fee account.

d) When is the 1,000.00 Go Global International Learning Bursary dispensed?

The 1,000.00 Go Global International Learning Bursary bursary is dispensed a few days to a week after a teacher candidate pays the $407.0 Go Global Fee. Usually this takes place the second or third week of March.

e) What happens to a teacher candidate’s award if they are unable to proceed to their international CFE?

If a teacher candidate is unable to proceed to their CFE (e.g., due to personal reasons or withdrawing or failing course or practicum), they are required to contact Go Global ( to request a refund of the Go Global fee.  Moreover, a teacher candidate is required to return the International Learning Award, thus Go Global will charge their SSC account the amount of the award granted.