Deposit Fee Refund Policy

  1. What is the refund policy for the international Go Global deposit fee that teacher candidates pay Go Global in late November early December?

Refunds for each and every international CFE placement are reviewed by the UBC Teacher Education office on a case by case basis.  However, decisions are informed using the following policy:

Up to December 15

    • Teacher candidates can withdraw from an international CFE without penalty and will be given a full refund.

After December 15 –

    • Go Global will refund the entire deposit fee if a teacher candidate withdraws due to medical or bereavement reason, or if the teacher candidate is officially required to withdraw from an international CFE (e.g., placement is cancelled by a partner, or partner’s government, or UBC’s Go Global unit, or the Canadian government).
    • For all other withdrawals (including withdrawals requested by the Teacher Education Office), teacher candidates will not be refunded their deposit.