Travel Documents & Vaccinations

1) Who is responsible for ensuring teacher candidates have the correct travel documents (such as visas) and vaccinations prior to their departure to an international CFE?

Teacher candidates are responsible for insuring they have current and required entry/exit advisories and vaccinations – regardless if it is a self placement or a UBC sanctioned placement.  This is because vaccination and travel document requirements for exiting/entering international destinations can change frequently and quickly making it difficult for the CFE coordinator and/or CFE Faculty Advisors to keep up to date.

2) What reliable, credible and authoritative sources of information about international travel visas and vaccinations can teacher candidates rely upon?

These are the three most reliable and credible information sources providing current information on visa and vaccination requirements for Canadians traveling to international destinations:

  • Government of Canada’s Travel Advisories – provides current information on required entry/exit advisories and vaccinations
  • Destination country’s consulate –  many countries consulates are located in Vancouver and/or Ottawa and are only a phone call or email away.
  • Canadian consulate in the country of destination – Canadian consulates (or those consulates who will assist Canadians – often US or UK consulates) in the country of the TC’s destination will be able to provide updated information on visa and vaccination requirements.
  • Vancouver Travel Clinic (Vancouver Coastal Health) – has current information on required vaccinations.  Note, some vaccinations must be administered 4 to 6 weeks before departure so please contact the Vancouver Travel Clinic as early as possible to discuss required vaccinations.  For more information please see the Medical and Dental Q & A’s.