Travelling Alone

Can a UBC teacher candidate travel alone to an international CFE?

Usually, no. It is the Teacher Education Office’s policy that all teacher candidates travelling to an international CFE, regardless if it is an international self-placement or a international UBC placement, will travel with at least one other teacher candidate.

However, there are two exceptions:

  1. the teacher candidate travels to the US, Japan, UK and some parts of Europe, and
  2. the teacher candidate has family or close friends who are able to receive and host their accommodations in the destination country for the duration of the CFE.

In both cases, the international CFE coordinator must also: 1) verify that the teacher candidate will be safe throughout their 3 week CFE, 2) approve the CFE, and 3) ensure the teacher candidate must complete, and submit to the Teacher Education Office, a copy of the Supplemental International CFE Application form.