3 tips from a medical student

I was quickly losing motivation to study after a long finals season but I needed to regain motivation to study for my quickly-upcoming MCAT. So as I do when I’m stuck, I asked a more wise and experienced individual for advice. Sarah, a medical student whose confidence I admire so much, and I were talking yesterday and she said that sure learning can be difficult but the truly most difficult part of medical school has been staying motivated. She offered her top three tips:

  1. Stay curious. Be hungry for knowledge. Get your fix of whatever part of medicine makes you excited by going to extra research talks or other methods.
  2. Know when to take time off. Take days off if you’re tired. Spend an afternoon napping in the sunshine on the grass. Rest and recharge.
  3. Accept failure, and accept becoming average. You can’t be outstanding all the time. Your classmates/colleagues are incredibly smart so being average is an achievement already.

So today, I remembered how privileged I am to get to work at a dream summer job, to do a lot of things my younger self wanted to do, and that I’m so lucky that everyday I get to work to get closer and closer to my goals.  During the many, many times I lose faith in myself, I have so many people who believe in me and I’m thankful for them.  My positive feelings towards studying for the MCAT are definitely going to ebb and flow. It won’t be pleasant all the time but I think it’ll feel better if I keep reminding myself why I’m doing what I’m doing. I am grateful that I have the opportunities I have right now and that I have the incredible love and support from the people. For example, my friend Amy has taken charge of our trip planning so that I can get lots of studying done this week and spend the vacation guilt-free from studying. How sweet a friend is she!!

I also think having fun plans has been keeping me going. During the midterm season, it felt dreary when I had nothing but another midterm to look to after a midterm (yikes). But now when I’m studying, I can daydream about the exciting things planned. I look forward to sharing the incredible adventures coming up very soon. I’m looking to something later today. A fellow food blogger got us VIP tickets to an opening ceremony on Saturday so I’m taking two of my best friends and my cousin and meeting up with a number of social media influencers. This is the first event we’re attending as official social media ambassadors so we’re excited!

To end, this song by KYGO has been on repeat and has helped me get a lot done this week so hope it help you too!

Have a fantastic week! Enjoy some sunshine. 🙂





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